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SCG Smartwood Fence Plank

Available Size:

Size: 7.5 x 400 x 1.2 (cm )

Size: 10 x 400 x 1.2 (cm )

Size: 10 x 400 x 1.6 (cm )

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Available Size

Barcode: 8852404026085

Weight: 5.4 kg

Barcode: 8852404025170

Weight: 7.3 kg

Barcode: 8852404026597

Weight: 9.7 kg

SCG Smartwood Fence Plank is a wood substitute that has an extra strength for protection, best to use for railings, enclosure, decorative shading and sun blockers 

SCG Smartwood, a wood substitute with superior performance and the charm of real wood”.

Available Size:

Size: 10 x 400 x 1.2 (cm )

Size: 10x 400 x 1.6 (cm )

Size: 7.5x 400 x 1.2 (cm )

Catalog : 
SCG SmartWood Catalog

Installation Manual : 
Smartwood Installation Manual


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