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    Super Speed

    Our wall panels are 4 times faster than AAC Blocks and can be easily installed by groove and tongue panels. General installers can install the ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel at a rate faster than 10 sqm/man/day.

    Strong & Durable

    Reinforced with preventive corrosion steel, it is durable and wind-resistant. With no knocking sound, this wall panel can hang upto 50 kg per point by expansion fixing.

    Higher Fire Resistance

    Made with non-combustible material, this AAC Panel can provide excellent fire resistance for upto 4 hours. It protects you better in case of a fire-risk.

    Save Total Budget

    It offers reduced working time and transportation cost as it is lightweight (70 kg/m2). Furthermore, it has better heat insulation than AAC panels (K=0.115 w/mk.) to save energy.

    Noise Reduction

    It reduces sound transmission between rooms and noise penetration from external sources. It is perfect for hotel rooms, residential rooms, and also conference rooms.

    Green Value

    ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit your needs, resulting in less wastage. Moreover, it is made from completely natural materials which do not cause pollution.

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    Factory & Franchise

    Factory & Franchise

    Hire the top notch services of our on-site project manager.



    No order is too large for us thanks to the state-of-the-art storage capacities at our warehouses.

    Logistics & Suppy Chain

    Logistics & Suppy Chain

    Shipping your order is done at a moment’s notice with our deeply connected distribution network.

    Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Hire the top notch services of our on-site project manager.

    Integrated Online Platform

    Integrated Online Platform

    ZMARTBUILD customer gets their own Field Wire credentials - an intuitive online platform to track and manage daily construction operations.


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    ZMARTBUILD is a leading manufacture and supplier of Gypsum Boards, Plaster Boards & Fiber Cement Boards. We are onw of South-East Asia’s biggest construction companies.

    Our unique #plugPlayBuild Wall Panels takes a revolutionary step forward towards smarter, Faster and better  construction.

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