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Bathroom Solution

COTTO offers bathroom ideas of different styles and designs, which can serve as an inspiration for your own happy bathroom. Visit our showrooms to search for the right design and decoration ideas that reflect the real you. Let’s decorate the bathroom of your desire.

COTTO for your Bathroom

Come, let us help you to complete your projects with higher performance Bathroom solution. Perfectly design to match with any style with high performance materials. Look for design & quality, look COTTO.

Cotto Rain Shower 2


Experience the new innovation of showering. COTTO showers lets you feel fresh every minutes when you take a bath

Cotto Faucets


COTTO provides a wide range and varios designs of faucets e.g. modern, luxury, smooth and much more to reflect you style.

Cotto Basins 3-1


Unlike others, Cotto Basin is perfectly design to match with your lifestyle plus Anti-Bacteria with easy clean materials.

Cotto Toilets


Experience the aesthetic of physical beauty and technology integrated as part of the design. The COTTO toilets is the great choice for your dream bathroom.

Cotto Urinals 2 (1)


If you are looking for Anti-Bacteria and Easy-Clean Urinals for your project or your bathroom. COTTO Urinals is the great choice for you. Various Design with Hygiene



COTTO also has a full range of bathroom accessories e.g. towel bar, shelf, soap holder, valve and much more about the bathroom. Explore our COTTO world today!

Cotto Beautiful Bathroom

Bathroom is not just merely a room, it is a space of happiness for all family members. For some people, happiness is relaxing moments in the bathroom, where they can escape from outside chaos and enjoy being themselves, while others are happy by providing good things for their beloved ones and by receiving compliments for having beautiful bathrooms. Moreover, this space can also unexpectedly be a playground for children. Thus, having beautiful bathrooms is definitely significant.

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