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COTTO has the latest faucet designs which integrate modern look and technology to create a pleasing and unique atmosphere to your bathroom. They not only have modern designs, but also a variety of designs and styles to match your preferences. Let's create your iconic bathroom today!

Unlike others, COTTO faucets are specially designed by professional designers to match every bathroom style. It not only matches your preferences, but COTTO Faucets also transforms a plain, simple bathroom into an elegant, contemporary one.

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COTTO Sensor Faucet Model CT4901AC - Cubic Series

COTTO Sensor Faucet Model CT533AC - Basin Faucet

COTTO Lever Handle Basin Faucet Model CT1176A - Waltz Series

COTTO Lever Handle Basin Faucet, Arona Series

COTTO Basin Faucet, Marina Series - Swivel Handle

COTTO Basin Faucet, New Century Series - Spindle Handle

COTTO Shank Faucet / Short Span,Rubber Valve, New Century Series

COTTO Shank Faucet / Long Span, New Century Series - Spindle Handle

COTTO Kitchen Sink Faucet, New Century Series - Spindle Handle

COTTO Kitchen Sink Faucet / Wall Mount, New Century Series

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