SCG Floor System

Perfect alternative to plywood and cement floor

SCG Smartwood Floor Plank is an innovative wood substitute product made from superior SCG Portland Cement, Silica Sand, and Special Cellulose Fiber using high standardized processes (Autoclave Process). SCG Smartwood creates a natural, attractive and confident look.

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Product Option

SCG Floor Section 1
SCG Floor Section 2

SCG Smart Floor System

SCG Smartboard Floor System is easy to work with and capable of withstanding up to 500 kg/SQM making it perfect for construction and renovation works that need speediness and high impact strengths.

When used as floor underlay, laminate wood floor, parquet floor tiles, and ceramic tiles are installed over SCG Smartboard Floor System, providing a perfect alternative to plywood and concrete floor.

Product Detail & Application

DetailsSteel Frame Spacing (cm.)Type of BuildingLive Load (kg/m2)
Install SCG Smartboard 16 mm. with steel frame40House / Residence150
Install SCG Smartboard 18 mm. with steel frame40Hotel / Dormitory200
Install SCG Smartboard 18 mm. with steel frame40Office / Bank250
Install SCG Smartboard 18 mm. with steel frame40School / University300
Install SCG Smartboard 18 mm. with steel frame30Department Store / Cinema / Hall / Restaurant400
Install SCG Smartboard 18 mm. with steel frame30Cargo / Museum / Plant / Publisher500

Product Available

T-Clip Floor Plank Wood Substitute 1

T-Clip Floor Plank

Beautiful, perfect, neat, without a trace of any screws in sight and painted from the factory.

  • Natural wood like color with up to 4 coats of paint from the factory.
  • Three shades to choose from: brown oak, natural beech and mahogany.
  • Confidence in a neat finish with side grooves chiseled out to perfectly fit the T-Clips for an attractive, neat and flawless look.
  • Quickly and easily installed with no drilling or painting.
  • Environment-friendly because we use lead and mercury free low VOC paint formulas for fiber cement wood.

Product Size and Dimension

Width (cm.)Ledgth (m.)Thickness (mm.)Weight (Kg./pc.)pcs./sq.m.Frame Spacing (cm.)

Color Available

T-Clip Floor Plank - Wood Substitute Floor - Mahogany
T-Clip Floor Plank - Wood Substitute Floor - Natural Beech
Natural Beech
T-Clip Floor Plank - Wood Substitute Floor - Brown Oak
Brown Oak
Basic Series Floor Plank Wood Substitute 1

SCG Smartwood Floor Plank, Basic Series

SCG Smartwood Basic Floor Plank is a wood substitute for interior and exterior resort style decoration.

  • Strong, long lasting and durable with up to 25 mm. thickness; can be installed on 30 cm. Frame spacing for 6″ width and 25 cm for 4″ width, or as decorative flooring on concrete.
  • Both interior and exterior use; weather resistant; termite proof.
  • Wood like texture with natural wood grain.
  • Comes with primer; ready for the paint of your choice.

Decorative Floor Plank :

Width (cm.)Ledgth (m.)Thickness (mm.)Weight (Kg./pc.)pcs./sq.m.Frame Spacing (cm.)
1531510.122.22Installed on concrete floor only.

Floor Plank :

Width (cm.)Ledgth (m.)Thickness (mm.)Weight (Kg./pc.)pcs./sq.m.Frame Spacing (cm.)

Product Available

SCG Basic Floor - wood substitute 1
4" Width Cream Primer
SCG Basic Floor - wood substitute 1
6" Width Cream Primer
SCG Basic Floor - wood substitute 2
8" Width Cream Primer
SCG Smartwood Decorative Stair Plank Wood Substitute 1

SCG Smartwood Decorative Stair Plank

Beautiful new design, strong, durable and outstanding with tapering, giving the staircase dimensions for a satisfying feeling every step of the way.

  • Easy, fast installation on concrete with a no-screw system.
  • More beautiful and durable with factory made wood stain coating and clear coating. Excellent at preventing scratches (painted/colored).
  • Outstanding with more tapering, giving the staircase dimension and beauty.
  • Strong and durable with up to 25 mm. thickness.

Product Size and Dimension

ModelColorWidth (cm.)Ledgth (m.)Thickness (mm.)Weight (Kg./pc.)pcs./sq.m.
LandingCream Primer/ Redwood1532517.02.22

Special Property


FIRM special Properties

High Impact Strength

Composition of SCG Portland Cement, Silica and special Cellulose Fiber developed in our laboratory.


Long lasting even when used in hot, humid, and strong raining weather conditions according to JIS Standard A54420


Termite resistance because of the Portland Cement material.

FLEX special Properties

Flexibility for various designs

SCG Smartboard provides flexibility for various designs to meet your specification.

Light Weight, Fast and Easy to Install

With only 30 kg. per sq.m. It can be installed easier and faster than conventional systems.

Better Heat Resistance

SCG Smartboard can prevent heat from the external environment, reducing energy consumption and answering green designs.

Firm and Flex


Color Loc technology locks every molecule firmly into the SCG Smartwood Fiber with a special spraying technique, developed especially for synthetic wood and submitted to a high temperature curing process to help lock the paint for a long lasting color. Colored Smartwood stays naturally attractive, and resembles authentic wood for a long period of time.

Wood Substitute Color

Application Guideline

  • House, Residence
  • Hotel, Resort
  • Office
  • School, University
  • Department Store
  • Restuarant

Application Example


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