SCG Cement Wood Mega Floor

A Bigger Scale of Wood Substitute Floor

Let’s you create your natural floor space with wood-lookalike material like SCG Cement Wood Mega Floor that can allow you to enhancing beauty to your floor along with long-term performance. SCG Cement Wood Mega Floor is the most suitable choice for internal and external floor. It can use for your balcony, decorate your cafe, and others floor as you prefer.

SCG Cement Wood Mega Floor is a new generation of wood substitute for your floor with the latest technology made the board gain strength, durability, non-flammable and anti-termite in one time. SCG Cement Wood Mega Floor, with state-of-the-art composition of Portland Cement and wood is specially designed for flooring applications for both internal and external usage.

SCG Cement Wood Mega Floor

Hotspots Background

Anti-Termite. Non-Flammable. Lasting Durability.

Look like real wood. Can be use for internal and external floor.

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Faster Installation

Wood lookalike, lasting durability and easy installation cement wood floor.

SCG Cement Wood Floor is fiber cement board that most suitable choice for external and internal floor, especially in the housing balcony, renovated area, Cafe, Restaurant and office & commercial

Special Properties

Material Consistency : Environmentally Friendly And Recyclable.

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How Mega Floor Save Frame Cost?


Mega Floor - Wood Substitute designed for intenal & external floor.

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