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ZMARTBUILD is a leading manufacture of ceiling systems. We provide creative ZMARTBUILD ceiling solution that set new standards for productivity and efficiency of ceiling installation, helping project developers, contractors and architects deliver high quality and innovative designs.

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Explore our extensive range of Ceiling product line has been developed to meet your qualitative needs.

Standard Plus
Gypsum Board

Used for walls and ceilings, incombustible, smooth, attractive and designed for seamless decoration. Anti sagging, no sagging.

Gypsum Board

EchoBloc is the Sound Absorption Gypsum Board, the innovative way of ceiling and wall/partition design with graphic pattern, beauty and modern style.

HeatBloc Plus
Gypsum Board

HeatBloc Plus is patented by SHEETROCK® BRAND from USG, a leading gypsum board manufacturer in the USA. With its unique enhanced technology.

Concealed Ceiling

Plusline Drywall Ceiling Metal Profiles New metal frame innovation by Elephant Brand, solves various problems including

• Uneven finished ceiling levels (sagging).

• Weak metal frames, risking collapsed ceilings.

• An economical solution yet still meets international standards for both safety and aesthetics of finished ceiling.

Concealed Ceiling Proline

Proline Drywall Ceiling Metal Profiles, new metal frame innovation by Elephant Brand, solves various problems including. 1) Uneven finished ceiling levels (sagging). 2) Weak metal frames, risking collapsed ceilings. 3) Poor aesthetics of sophisticated designs.


Elephant PaperTouch is a Gypsum Tile covered with a paper laminate, printed in a range of designs. PaperTouch available in Standard type and HeatBloc type (metalic foil backing).


Elephant ColorTouch is a Gypsum Tile covered with colors on the surface. The tiles can be promptly applied, saving time normally wasting for painting.


Elephant TexturTouch is a Gypsum Tile with texture design and color covered on the surface, allowing the immediate use without additional painting.


Pre-finished Ceiling Tile surfaced with vinyl, allowing the easy cleaning and eliminating additional finishing. VinylTouch available in
• Standard type
• Dust-Free with additional metallic foil backing. (only “Snow” pattern available)

EchoBloc Tile

EchoBloc Tile is the Sound Absorption Gypsum Ceiling Tile, ready-made colored with graphic modern pattern: round hole and square hole. Laminated the back side with Glass Mat, enhancing the sound absorption capability. EchoBloc Tile is designed For T-Bar ceiling.

Fiber Cement Ceiling

SCG Smartboard is a new generation of fiber cement board material with FIRM and FLEX Technology made the board gain strength, durability and elasticity in one time. SCG Smartboard ( fiber cement board), SCG Fiber Cement Board is specially designed for various ceiling

T-Bar G

Our Elephant Suspended Ceiling System with Quick Release Clips Technology work well to offer seismic rated, fastest installation and removal without tools.

T-Bar M

Our USG Suspended Ceiling System with Quick Release Clips Technology work well to offer seismic rated, fastest installation and removal without tools.

External Ceiling

SCG External Ceiling System enables energy efficeincy with living comfort. SCG Smartboard Ventilation series helps circulate air flow under the roof with the factory-made drilled holes suitable for external eaves ceiling application guaranteed moisture and water resistance.

Our Service to You

Our ZMARTBUILD Ceiling products and solution such as Fiber Cement Board, Gypsum Board and ceiling accessories provide new level for premium quality specifications in High-rise residential, low-rise building, office, hotel, hospital and other commercial projects. We also help the projects to speed up installation time and delivery quality construction job to their clients.

Trusted Gypsum Board Manufacturer from Thailand

Trusted Supply Partner

ZMARTBUILD is a unit of Siam Cement Group (SCG) who is a leadership company in the building materials sector and runs the business with world-class team over 106 years. We are passion to sustain relationship with customer who works with us.

Gypsum Drywall

Pro - Technical Support

Our technical support teams are standby to help customers about any of our products and systems issues. For larger projects, we can provide you a design support from the beginning stage then follow by on-site technical support during the installation stage.

Building Structure Drawing Service

Project Planning Support

For a medium to large projects, we are proudly to support you from the beginning until after installation stage. We are willing to finding ways to improve your projects performance, reduce construction cost, lower maintenance cost and decrease installation time.

Gypsum Drywall

Training on site* (Project)

ZMARTBUILD's project customers have privilege to obtain training on site to help your installers do the right practice and show off the best performance on our ZMARTBUILD ceiling products. At the result, you can deliver the perfect finish job to your clients.

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