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Sound Insulation Wall System : Thermacoustic

Excellent sound absorption property and also thermal resistance.

Thermacoustic (TMA) Blanket is a non-combustible, lightweight and resilient glasswool, its excellent sound insulation  absorption property and also thermal resistance helps improving Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of exterior wall and interior drywall partition and saving electricity cost.

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Product Option

SCG Thermacoustic (TMA) Blanket

Product Size

Product NameApplicationSeries-ColorsThickness (mm.)Width x Length (mm.)Weight (kg./pc.)
Sound Insulation Wall System : ThermacousticSound Insulation Wall System : ThermacousticThermacoustic 50 (TMA 50)500.40-3, 0.60-2, 1.20x104.60
Thermacoustic 75 (TMA 75)750.40-3, 0.60-2, 1.20x101.16
Thermacoustic 90 (TMA 90)900.40-3, 0.60-2, 1.20x102.30

Product Information

Thermacoustic (TMA) Blanket is pre-cut to compact size so it’s easy to install and suitable for combining with metal/wood stud dry wall system, brick/concrete wall and also curtain wall system. Thermacoustic Batts is easy to install and firmly fit in wall cavity, suitable for both metal stud and wood flame. They can be cut to fit around wires, outlets, electrical conduit and plumping system.

Solution Acoustic Thermacoustic

Application Guideline

– Living room
– Home theater room
– Music room
– Meeting room
– Recording room
– Studio
– Karaoke

Specification & Standard

AttributesTest ValueStandard
Maximum Service TemperatureCan be used with the application with maximum service temperature not over 230 OC
Moisture SorptionLess than 3% by weight at 40 OC 90%RH
Mold & Fungus GrowthWill not support or promote
Physical Properties Fire SafetyFlame Spread < 25
Smoke Developed < 50
ProductThickness (mm)Thermal Conductivity
(W/m K)
Thermal Resistance
(m2 K /W)
Thermacoustic 50 (TMA 50)500.041.43
Thermacoustic 75 (TMA 75)750.042.14
Thermacoustic 90 (TMA 90)900.042.57

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