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ZMARTBUILD is a leading of wall panel manufacturer. We provide a full range of wall solutions such as Zmartbuild Wall Panel, Drywall and Decorative Wall that set new standards for project developers, contractors and architects deliver high quality and superior performance.

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Come, let us help you to complete your projects with higher performance wall solution. Quick, Easy, Beauty, Professional wall is now ready for you!

Zmartbuild Wall Panel

ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel is the future of AAC Blocks which is bigger size that allow you to build faster and get more advantage such as performance, cost & time saving and project efficiency. It is lightweight, steel reinforced, groove & tongue panels that can be easily installed by your normal on-site installers.They are suitable to be used as both external and internal walls.

SCG DryWall

Drywall Panel

ZMARTBUILD Drywall System is making traditional brick and mortar walls absolete. It is not only offers excellent durability and performance, but also timely installation and flexibility in terms of future modifications and refurbishment. Thanks to the innovative quality SCG Smartboard, SCG Smartwood, SCG Cement Board, and Elephant Gypsum Board.

SCG Decorative Wall

Decorative Wall

Decorate your wall to be more outstanding and reflect your style. We provide various style of wall materials to match your preference e.g. Wood substitute for natural lover and Groove Panel & Cement Board for Modern life style. Not only the beautiful style, but also durability. ZMARTBUILD Decorative Wall is the great choice to use for internal and external wall.

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Our wall solutions such as ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel, Drywall and Decorative Wall provide new level for premium quality specifications in High-rise residential, low-rise building, office, hotel, hospital and other commercial projects. We also help the projects to speed up installation time and delivery quality construction job to their clients.

Trusted Gypsum Board Manufacturer from Thailand

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ZMARTBUILD is a unit of Siam Cement Group (SCG) who is a leadership company in the building materials sector and runs the business with world-class team over 106 years. We are passion to sustain relationship with customer who works with us.

Gypsum Drywall

Pro - Technical Support

Our technical support teams are standby to help customers about any of our products and systems issues. For larger projects, we can provide you a design support from the beginning stage then follow by on-site technical support during the installation stage.

Building Structure Drawing Service

Project Planning Support

For a medium to large projects, we are proudly to support you from the beginning until after installation stage. We are willing to finding ways to improve your projects performance, reduce construction cost, lower maintenance cost and decrease installation time.

Gypsum Drywall

Training on site* (Project)

ZMARTBUILD's project customers have privilege to obtain training on site to help your installers do the right practice and show off the best performance on our ZMARTBUILD Wall Solution. At the result, you can deliver the perfect finish job to your clients.

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