ZMARTBUILD is a major manufacturer in the construction industry. we provide a full range of drywall partition materials to hundreds of building materials distributors, developers, builders and contractors worldwide.


Top Drywall Boards Manufacturer

ZMARTBUILD is the leading drywall manufacturer from Thailand. ZMARTBUILD Drywall System is making traditional brick and mortar walls absolete. It is not only offers excellent durability and performance, but also timely installation and flexibility in terms of future modifications and refurbishment. Thanks to the innovative quality SCG Smartboard, SCG Smartwood, SCG Cement Board, and Elephant Gypsum Board.

Drywall by materials

Experience smoother finishing that provides aesthetically pleasing crack free surfaces perfect to painting. Hence, ZMARTBUILD Drywall System is ideal for all wall applications including wall partition, exterior wall or even wall in wet area.

Fiber Cement Board

High Strength • Lasting Durability


Gypsum Board

Perfect Smooth • Seamless Look

Elephant Gypsum Board

Decorative Board

Outstanding • Reflect Your Style

Decorative Wall Board Manufacturers

Drywall by function

ZMARTBUILD provide you a full range of drywall application from basic to advance level. The system come up with quality and durable materials which mainly produced in Thailand. Experience it today and you will love it!

Best Drywall Manufacturer from Thailand

Standard Drywall

ZMARTBUILD Standard Drywall System is making traditional brick and mortar walls absolete. It not only offers excellent durability and water resistance, thanks to the innovative quality SCG Smartboard, but also timely installation and flexibility in terms of...

Noise Reduction Drywall Manufacturer from Thailand

Noise Reduction Drywall

Undoubtedly, privacy is one of the most vital elements when designing a living space. ZMARTBUILD Drywall for Sound Acoustic System maximizes the enjoyment of your living space by properly preventing sound migration from one room to another.

Temperature Insulation Drywall Manufacturer from Thailand

Heat Resistance Drywall

ZMARTBUILD Drywall Heat Protection System effectively keeps buildings properly insulated. It is the right wall solution that constantly keeps interior temperatures at a comfortable level, thereby delivering a new level of living comfort.

Fire Protection Drywall Manufacturer from Thailand

Fire Reistance Drywall

Fire protection is one of the most essential parts of many projects. ZMARTBUILD Fire Protection System ensures that your building satisfies fire resistance requirements and provides peace-of-mind and safety. This system contains SCG Insulation HI-TEMP 3850...

Moisture Resistance Drywall Manufacturer from Thailand

Moisture Resistance Drywall

Better Wall - Better Moisture Resistance. Advantage over other materials, SCG Smartboard deserves its prominent function of moisture/water resistance with termite-free. Ceramic Tiles with membranes and water proof system is nessary to help...

Drywall for renovate wall Manufacturer from Thailand

Drywall for Renovation

Many homeowners are looking for ways to conveniently renovate their homes. Did you know that simple changes to your walls can make a big improvement to how your home feels and looks? Simply install ZMARTBUILD Drywall System on existing cement...

Drywall for wall decoration Manufacturer from Thailand

Drywall for Decoration

SCG Smartwood and cement board is perfect materials for Drywall decoration. You can give your buiding or living space a sense of character by decorating your ZMARTBUILD Drywall System with ceramic tiles, wallpaper or laminate in whatever ways best reflecting your...

Exterior Drywall Manufacturer from Thailand

Exterior Drywall

SCG Smartboard and SCG Smartwood delivers advanced performace for external wall. Manufactured from high quality SCG Portland Cement, SCG External Wall System is highly durable and easy to maintain, thus a perfect solution to avoid defects in brick works.

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Our drywall products and solutions such as Fiber Cement Board, Gypsum Board and Decorative Board provide new level for premium quality specifications in High-rise residential, low-rise building, office, hotel, hospital and other commercial projects. We also help the projects to speed up installation time and delivery quality construction job to their clients.

Trusted Gypsum Board Manufacturer from Thailand

Trusted Supply Partner

ZMARTBUILD is a unit of Siam Cement Group (SCG) who is a leadership company in the building materials sector and runs the business with world-class team over 106 years. We are passion to sustain relationship with customer who works with us.

Gypsum Drywall

Pro - Technical Support

Our technical support teams are standby to help customers about any of our products and systems issues. For larger projects, we can provide you a design support from the beginning stage then follow by on-site technical support during the installation stage.

Building Structure Drawing Service

Project Planning Support

For a medium to large projects, we are proudly to support you from the beginning until after installation stage. We are willing to finding ways to improve your projects performance, reduce construction cost, lower maintenance cost and decrease installation time.

Gypsum Drywall

Training on site* (Project)

ZMARTBUILD's project customers have privilege to obtain training on site to help your installers do the right practice and show off the best performance on our ZMARTBUILD Drywall products. At the result, you can deliver the perfect finish job to your clients.

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