Drywall System for Renovation

Make traditional cement wall look like new

Drywall system for renovation by installing SCG Smartboard 8mm. Thick with SCG C74 Galvanized Frame and SCG U76 Galvanized Frame on existing cement wall.



Many homeowners are looking for ways to conveniently renovate their homes. Did you know that simple changes to your walls can make a big improvement to how your home feels and looks?

Simply install SCG Smartboard Drywall System on existing cement walls for renovation and you are able to transform your living space.

Application Guideline

  • Office
  • Residential Home & Buildings
  • Hotel

Application Example


Heat Protection (Rt)

SCG = 0.52 Rt
Brick Wall = 0.28 Rt

Acoustic Control (STC)

SCG = 46
Brick Wall = 45

  • 5 times faster construction time than brick and mortar wall.
  • 6 times lighter weight than brick and mortar wall.
  • Preventing sound migration from one room to another.

*Compared to brick and mortar wall

System Detail

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Products in this system

SCG Smartboard Squared Edge

8, 9, 10, 12, 14 mm. thick

SCG Fiber Cement Sheet for Wall - 4 inch Square Lining - Fiber Cement Board for wall

4-Inch Square Lining

8 mm. thick

SCG C74 Galvanized Frame

SCG Galvanized Frame


SCG C74 Galvanized Frame

SCG Galvanized Frame


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