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Great roof begin with the stylish and strong roof materials. ZMARTBUILD supplies a full range of roof materials from roof manufacturer to match your life style from natural to modern look. By material, we also have a various types to serve your preferences e.g Ceramic Roof Tile - The most elegance and long lasting over time, Concrete Roof Tile - The best seller ever, and Fiber Cement Roof Tile - The cellulose fiber roof resulting in higher strength and durability. Our SCG Roof is made in Thailand with premium quality and higher performance by our roof manufacturer. This makes our roof is unrivaled.

SCG is the leading roof manufacturer in Thailand. We combine innovative manufacturing process and attention to detail in every step. Our passion in roof developement makes it unique, eye-catching and more durable. Not only the performance, but also our installtion technique is well designed. We help you no worry about leakage problem. Come, let's complete your roof with SCG roofing system.

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SCG Ceramic Roof Tiles

SCG Ceramic Roof Tiles for luxury house - Excella Classic Series

Excella Classic Series

Excella Classic Ceramic Roof Tile - The exquisite curved pattern is contemporary and elegant, which makes a timeless statement and the finest finishing touches.

SCG Ceramic Roof - Excella Grace Site reference

Excella Grace Series

Excella Grace Ceramic Roof Tile - The unique and luxurious design offers a refined roof tile that is universally appealing, distinctive and long-lasting colors.

SCG Excella Roof

Excella Modern Series

Excella Modern Ceramic Roof Tile - Eye catching flat tiles, merge with their smoothness, result in truly modern that reflects the admirable simplicity.

SCG Ceramic Roof Tile - Celica Series - Best Ceramic roof tile quality

Celica Curve Series

The exquisite curved design of this ceramic roof series definitely makes a timeless statement. Perfect for your residence.

SCG Concrete Roof Tiles

Idea for concrete roof SCG Prestige X Shield

Prestige X Shield Series

SCG Concrete Roof Prestige X Shield Series is the most advanced technology on roof for 3 time longer lasting color.

SCG Concrete Roof Tiles for house hotel and resort - Prestige Series - Top Quality

Prestige Series

Prestige Concrete Roof, The new style of flat  roof tile with natural feel simple beauty with a resort touch in every inch.

SCG Concrete Roof Tiles for modern house - Neustile Series - Best Quality

Neustile Modern Series

This tile series adds a luxury touch to your residence with its unconventional design and appealing long-lasting colors.

Neustile Concrete Roof Tile -Timber

Neustile Timber Series

Best for Wood Lover!. Realistic natural wood replica in full details including color shades, textures, and deep wood grooves.

SCG Neustile Roof - Oriental

Neustile Oriental Series

This tile series adds a luxury touch to your residence with its unconventional design and appealing long-lasting colors.

SCG CPAC Concrete Roof Manufacturer Red Flashed

CPAC Series

CPAC Roof is like a master piece of art, exquisitely designed  to reflect the different taste and style of the house owner.

SCG Fiber Cement Roof Tiles

Fiber Cement Roof Classic Pattern - Ayara Classic

Ayara Classic Series

Elegance, Classic Look Ayara Tile. Kite form tile. Value of elegance with warmness.

High Quality Fiber Cement Roof for Modern House - Ayara Modern

Ayara Modern Series

Modern by different Styles. Modern Look Ayara Tile. Retangular form tile. Modernized simlicity style.

Fiber Cement Roof for Resort and Spa - Ayara Timber Grain - Walnut Brown

Ayara Timber Grain Series

Delicate wooden grain pattern. Reiterate touch of wood. Natural look elegance. Match with large roof panel

Premium Quality Fiber Cement Roof for wooden house - wood lover - Ayara Timber Lumber

Ayara Timber Lumber Series

Deep timber grain with cutting edge imitating natural wood, different dimension from naturally alternated wooden pattern.

SCG Prolon Roof Orange flash color

Prolon Series

Bright and beautiful colors, outstanding with round curve designed, safe and asbestos-free. Beautiful curves with good strength helps the tiles strong, durable and well drained.

Durable Fiber Cement Roof - Roman Tile Best Seller Series

Prima Series

Attractive with design and warm color sensation SCG Prima roof is made of fiber cement. It is therefore offering light weight structure compared to that of other materials.

SCG Roman Tile - Fiber Cement Roof Blue resize 2

Roman Tile Series

Advanced Nano technology & greatest innovation fully integrates SCG Portland Cement with special cellulose fiber resulting in higher strength and durability

Shinkolite Acrylic Roof

shinkolite-arcrylic Roof for community mall-grey-color-show-dc-01

Shinkolite Acrylic Roof

Shinkolite premium transparent acrylic roof is developed under the cooperation between SCG Chemicals and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. There are 2 grades of general and heat cut to answer the residents’ or commercial building preference in accordance to the true new lifestyle living.

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