High Quality Ceramic Roof Tiles

Excella Classic Series

The exclusivity that lasts against time.

Excella Classic Ceramic Roof Tile – The exquisite curved pattern is contemporary and elegant, which makes a timeless statement and the finest finishing touches.

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Color Option

Round Ridge Collection

Round Ridge
Usage along ridge board and hip rafter (Usage 3.3 pcs./m.)
Round Hip End
Used at the end of the hip
Round Ridge End
Used where the barges join with the ridge
Used at the barge board of the gable roof (Usage 3 pcs./m.)
Barge End
Used at the first barge end
2 Ways Round Ridge
Used at the middle of the ridge (for gable roof)
3 Ways Round Apex
Used at the joint between the ridge board, covering the hip of hip rafter Y
Used to cover the hip rafter at the join of square of hip rafter
Used at the barge board of the gable roof (Usage 3 pcs./m.)
Pipe Vent Round Ridge
Used for covering the tiles that has lighting conductor or ventilation the gable roof.

Special Property

SCG Roof Solution - high quality roof materials

SCG Ceramic Roof Tile Excella Classic Series, An ideal marriage of taste and elegance, our SCG Ceramic Roof Tile Excella Classic Series is a high quality ceramic roof tile which makes a majestic roof that every owner can be proud of. From meticulous design to finest finish, Excella Classic Ceramic Roof is created with attention to detail.

Raw materials of distinctive quality are processed using state-of-the-art technology, given a special coating technique, and fired at a temperature as high as 1,100 degree Celsius. The finished result is exquisite roof tiles of excellent quality worthy of the admiration of all and guaranteed to stand the test of time. SCG Excella Classic Series is named ” The Premium Ceramic Roof Tiles “

Distinctive Characteristics of excella classic series

Excella Classic Ceramic roof special Properties

Long Lasting

Striking long-standing colors. This ceramic roof tiles will help your roof top keep long lasting beauty over the time.


Featuring self-cleaning ability with sleek surface which easily returns to its brand new look after rain.


Lightweight, strong and durable genuine ceramic. The best quality roof tile that stand with your residence for long time.

Application Guideline

  • Luxury Residence Roof
  • Hotel Roof

Application Example

Related Products

Dry Tech System for Excella Ceramic Roof

Drytech System - Ceramic Roof equipment for excella

Dry Tech Accessories

Used for installing round ridges instead of using mortar which can cause over spilling or leakage. One set of Dry Tech System consists of Excella Flashing 2 rolls/set (0.15 x 3 m.), 1 Corrugated Line (3m.) Stand Fixing and Screws.

Not only does it 100% prevent leakage, it also allows easy and neat installation. (1 set covers 3 meters)

Roof Equipment

Ceramic Roof Tile Equipment and accessories - SCG Excella

Excella Flashing

The high quality flashing is used to seal the joints on the roof. Its high flexibility allows it to mold itself and attach firmly to the surface of various materials.

Excella Flashing offers high weatherability, long service life, and 100% leak prevention. Available in two sizes : 0.30 x 0.80 m. and 0.30 x 3 m.

Stainless Valley Through

Made with quality stainless steel, the factory-made valley through with a standard size can effectively channel water.

– Valley width :  12 cm.
– Valley wing width on each size :   12.5 cm.
– Valley depth :   3 cm.
– Valley length :  2.4 m.


The batten is manufactured from Zinc galvanizes steel. Instead of using the electric wire pressure welding method, the batten can be easily installed using Zinc galvanized screws and is highly durable (each unit is 4 m. in length

Ribbon Sealer

The sealer is used to prevent water penetration around the openings of the tiles around the roof hip before applying the Dry Tech flashing. This prevents the passage of water around the area where the hip tiles overlap.

Roof Equipment for Excella Classic Series

Ceramic Roof Tile accessories - SCG Excella Classic

Eaves Filler Unit

Used on the inside fascia board to prevent small insects that may cause damages to the roof. It also helps to reduce humidity under the roof. Faster installation makes it more cost effective. (10 units/box)

Birds Filler Unit

Used on the curve of the SCG Ceramic Roof Excella Classic Series Tile to prevent animals and birds. It also helps to protect rain fall into overlap tiles

Crystal Tile

Crystal Roof Tile, very suitable for rooms that need natural light which helps save energy and the electricity costs. It also dramatically reduces the humidity of the room. 1 Excella Crystal roof tile is the size of 2 Excella roof tiles.

Roof Holder Tools

Ceramic Roof Holder Tools - SCG Excella


The galvanized screw is used to secure ceramic roof tiles to the batten, using an electric drill without the need for periling. Available in 2 sizes.

– 2.25 inch screws, used with galvanized batten (250 pcs./box)
– 4 inch screws, used with angle stell batten not over than 3.2 mm. thick.  (250 pcs./box)

Roof Holder Hooks

The roof holder hooks are made of corrugated iron. They are durable and offer a firm hold to the entire roof (250 pcs./box).

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