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Celica Curve Series

A Distinctive Design for New Generation of Ceramic Roof Tiles

SCG Ceramic Roof Tiles – Celica Curve Series, the exquisite newly curve profile neatly designed by SCG Experts for you exclusive house. It is the great material for modern house roof and contemporary house roof.

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Color Option

Round Ridge Collection

Special Property

SCG Roof Solution - high quality roof materials

SCG Ceramic Roof Tile Celica Curve Series, An ideal exquisite newly curve roof, our SCG Ceramic Roof Celica Curve Series is a high quality ceramic roof tile which makes a distinctive roof that every owner can be proud of. From meticulous design to finest finish, Celica Curve Ceramic Roof is created with attention to detail.

Raw materials of distinctive quality are processed using state-of-the-art technology, given a special coating technique, and fired at a temperature as high as 1,100 degree Celsius. The finished result is exquisite roof tiles of excellent quality worthy of the admiration of all and guaranteed to stand the test of time. SCG Celica Curve Series is named ” The Newly Curve Ceramic Roof Tiles “

Distinctive Characteristics of Celica Curve series

Celica Curve Ceramic roof special Properties

Long Lasting

Striking long-standing colors. This ceramic roof tiles will help your roof top keep long lasting beauty over the time.

High Standard

Celica Curve Roof is high standard production with firing at controlled temperature as high as 1,100 Degree Celsius.


Lightweight, strong and durable genuine ceramic. The best quality roof tile that stand with your residence for long time.

Application Guideline

  • Modern House Roof
  • Contemporary House Roof
  • Hotel Roof
  • Resort Roof

Application Example

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