Internal Drywall System

Timely installation & Renovation Flexibility

This internal drywall system is installation SCG Smartboard with SCG C74 Galvanized Frame and SCG U76 Galvanized Frame



SCG Drywall System is making traditional brick and mortar walls absolete. It not only offers excellent durability and water resistance, thanks to the innovative quality SCG Smartboard, but also timely installation and flexibility in terms of future modifications and refurbishment.

Its smoother finish provides aesthetically pleasing crack free surfaces perfect to painting. Hence, SCG Drywall System is ideal for all wall applications including wet area walls.

Application Guideline

  • Living Room
  • Office
  • Room in High Rise Building
  • Green Building

Application Example


1 x
1 x

Heat Protection (Rt)

SCG = 0.51 Rt
Brick Wall = 0.28 Rt

Acoustical Control (STC)

SCG = 39
Brick Wall = 45

  • 6 times faster construction time than brick and mortar wall.
  • 6 times lighter weight than brick and mortar wall.
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to cut, work and decorate
  • High dimensional stability
  • Moisture resistant

*Compared to brick and mortar wall

System Detail

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