Exterior Drywall System

Unique advanced performance along with aesthetic sense

Exterior Drywall System is installation SCG Smartboard with SCG C74 Galvanized Frame and SCG U76 Galvanized Frame



SCG Smartboard and SCG Smartwood delivers advanced performace for external wall. Manufactured from high quality SCG Portland Cement, SCG Exterior Drywall System is highly durable and easy to maintain, thus a perfect solution to avoid defects in brick works.

It offers substantial savings on time and ease of installation, and allows project or home owners to add aesthetic sense and style to their exterior walls

Application Guideline

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Office & Commercial
  • Residential Buildings
  • High Rise Building
  • Learning Institute
  • Government Building

Application Example


1 x
1 x

Heat Protection (Rt)

SCG = 0.50 Rt
Brick Wall = 0.28 Rt

Acoustical Control (STC)

SCG = 39
Brick Wall = 45

  • 6 times faster construction time than brick and mortar wall.
  • 6 times lighter weight than brick and mortar wall.
  • Durable and easy to maintenance

*Compared to brick and mortar wall

System Detail

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Products in this system

SCG Smartboard Squared Edge

8, 9, 10, 12, 14 mm. thick

SCG Fiber Cement Sheet for Wall - 4 inch Square Lining - Fiber Cement Board for wall

4-Inch Square Lining

8 mm. thick

SCG Smartwood

Wood Plank

SCG C74 Galvanized Frame

Steel Frame

Structure Frame

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