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If you would like to release your fatigue and stress, the simple way to relieve your stress is to take a bath. Let's uplift your feeling everyday by using COTTO Showers. Our showers help you feel fresh and relax every time you use. Not only refreshing you, but also provide you a design that perfectly match with your preferences e.g. modern, luxury, natural and lively lifestyle.

Illuminate your bathroom experience with a novel touch of shower. Cotto showers are specially design for best experience of showering. It is integrates technology, design and quality that leaving you feel fresh and invigorated.

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COTTO 8 X 8 Rain Shower Model Z95

COTTO 1 Function Hand Shower Set Model Z72 (HM)

COTTO 1 Function Hand Shower Set Model ZH011 (HM)

COTTO 1 Function Shower Set Model Z71 (HM)

COTTO 1 Function Hand Shower Set Model S17 (HM)

COTTO 2 Fanctions Fixed Shower Model Z22 (HM)

COTTO 1 Function Fixed Shower Model Z55 (HM)

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Specially designed for the best experience of showering

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