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ZMARTBUILD is the leading manufacturer of floor materials. We provide a full range of floor solutions such as Stone Plastic Composite Floor (SPC), Cement Board, Wood Plank and Wood Substitute that set new standards for project developers, contractors and architects to deliver high quality and superior performance.

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Come, let us help you complete your projects with a higher performance floor solution. Quick, easy, beautiful, and professional floor is now ready for you!

Fiona SPC Floor

Stone Plastic Composite Floor (SPC)

Our SPC Floor (also known as Stone Plastic Composite Floor) is a new generation of floor. It comes with a natural look that brings a cozy atmosphere to your room. It works for the living room floor, bedroom floor, and even the office floor.

SCG Cement Board Mega Floor site reference

SCG Cement Wood
MEGA Floor

SCG Cement Wood Mega Floor is a new generation of wood substitute for your floor with the latest technology making the board stronger, more durable, non-flammable, and termite-resistant. It is a wood lookalike with a bigger panel for faster Installation.

Smartwood Floor Plank - SCG wood substitute floor

SCG Smartwood
Wood Plank

SCG Smartwood is a perfect alternative to plywood and cement floors. SCG Smartwood creates a natural, attractive and confident look. It is an innovative wood substitute product made from superior SCG Portland Cement, Silica Sand...

Our Service to You

Our floor solutions such as Stone Plastic Composite Floor (SPC), SCG Cement Mega Floor, SCG Smartwood provide a new level of premium quality specifications in high-rise residential buildings, low-rise buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals and other commercial projects. We also help speed up the project with faster installation time and help deliver quality construction to the clients.

Trusted Gypsum Board Manufacturer from Thailand

Trusted Supply Partner

ZMARTBUILD is a unit of Siam Cement Group (SCG) who is a leading company in the building materials sector and runs the business with a world-class team for over 106 years. We are passionate about sustaining relationships with customers who work with us.

Gypsum Drywall

Pro - Technical Support

Our technical support teams are always on standby to help customers with any of our products and system issues. For larger projects, we can provide you with design support in the beginning stage, followed by on-site technical support during the installation stage.

Building Structure Drawing Service

Project Planning Support

For medium to large projects, we are proud to support you from the beginning until after the installation stage. We are willing to find ways to improve your projects’ performance, reduce construction cost, lower maintenance cost and decrease installation time.

Gypsum Drywall

Training on site* (Project)

ZMARTBUILD's project customers have the privilege to obtain training on site to help your installers do the right practice and show off the best performance on our ZMARTBUILD floor solution. As a result, you can deliver the perfect finish to your clients.

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