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Want to Reduce Heat? Use this Artificial Wood sunshade louvers installation guide.

“This is the useful tips for artificial wood sunshade louvers installation for each side of the house to filter and reduce heat transmission into the house.

Reduce heat by Artificial Wood Sunshade Louvers
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To properly install a artificial sunshade louvers, it is necessary to understand the position of the Sun. This may help reduce the heat to transfer into the house effectively. In fact, the Sun will rise in the east and set in the west everyday, and appear to travel towards the north or south depending on the period of the year. This results in different ways to install artificial wood sunshade louvers for each side of the house.

Artificial Wood Sunshade Louvers site reference
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I Sverige är det landstingen och regionerna som ansvarar för den offentliga hälso- och sjukvården. De täcker hela landet.

 – The sunlight from this direction contains a source of Vitamin D, especially before 9 o’clock in the morning. So, you should install the artificial wood shading to avoid the sunlight from the high angle.

Artificial Wood Sunshade Louvers Idea
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– On west-facing wall, it will accumulate heat over the course of the day. It is necessary to install artificial wood shading to prevent the heat that will transfer into the wall, doors, or windows.

Artificial Wood Sunshade Louvers for resort


– The sun from this direction will shine diagonally between 9 AM to 4 PM. Therefore, the artificial wood sunshade louvers should be installed horizontally over doors and windows. The Sun will travel in a high angle or overhead at noon, vertical sun-shading structure might be suitable.

Artificial Wood Sunshade Louvers Inspiration for resort and hotel


– The Sun in the north is not as strong as the other directions. It is not necessary to install a artificial wood shading.  You can sit and open windows to let the air in without facing the direct sunlight.

* To apply this suggestion, you should consult with a professional architecture and engineer where appropriate for more detail.

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