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No.1 Exceptional Durability Carpet Tile
Premium Quality Carpet Tile Supplier in Inida

High Quality Carpet Tile

Our ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile is an Excellent Quality product which "Made in Thailand" and meet required standard e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001, Green Industry and also Thailand Trust Mark. Our carpet tiles are widely used in offices, hotels, retail spaces, and more, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

High Quality Carpet Tile in Inida

Exceptional Durability

Confidence in the durability and reliability of ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile. It is withstand heavy traffic even in the busiest spaces like office, school, hotel and any commercial areas. ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile is Exceptional made and select the best materials to ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.

How to install carpet tile

Easy & Fast Installation

This ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile is easy to install and also bring seamless beauty into your space. When we have to install, ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tiles are designed to go down quickly and set easily. They are easier to carry than carpet rolls and it doesn’t take a lot of installation skill to ensure they are smoothly laid.

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Our Best Seller Carpet Tiles

ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile, More than 40 Colors Available to match your style

BASE Series (Grey)

BASE Series (Denim Blue)

BASE Series (Charcoal)

GRAPHIC Series (Terra 1)

GRAPHIC Series (Terra 2)

PLANK Frida (PB 02)

PLANK Frida (PB 01)

PLANK Frida (P 01)

Our Carpet Tile Series

See our several shades of carpet tile to meet your design and functional requirements

BASE Series

BASE Series, Simple & Clean design which the most popular series to be used in multiple market segments e.g. workplace, education and hospitality. This carpet tile series allow your space to keep a clean look but soft touch.


LINEAR Series providing you more professional look to your space. The unique line in its design make your floor more modern while keep soft touch when you walking. This is a good choice for workplace that need professional mood & tone.


GRAPHIC Series comes with randomly beautiful pattern which is ideal for seamless flooring. This ZMARTBUILD GRAPHIC Series is the right choice for heavy traffic areas and can make a real difference to people comfort and productivity.

PLANK Series

Unlike others, PLANK Series provide you more dynamic shade and style. This will bring attractiveness, comfortable and energetic environment to your space at the same time which good for space to create sense of creativity & enjoy.

Inspire For Your Next Projects

Here, you can see how it look like when using ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile for multiple areas

What is ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile?

ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tiles-resize

No.1 Exceptional Durability Carpet Tile

ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile is the leader in commercial flooring solutions that meet design and functional requirements in multiple market segments like offices, hotels, retail spaces, schools and any commercial buildings. Our carpet tiles are exceptional high quality which Made in Thailand and also meet high qualified standards e.g.ISO9001, ISO14001, Green Industry and also Thailand Trust Mark. Let’s us help you for your next projects, Chat us today!

Our Carpet Tile Benefits

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Let's us help you for your next projects, Chat us today!

We’re here, let’s talk to our sales team today. We will help you from start to finish with Worry-Free. If you are now seeking for Flooring Solutions, ZMARTBUILD has a various option that will match to your design and functionality requirement such as ZMARTBUILD Carpet Tile which popular for workplace all time or ZMARTBUILD SPC Flooring which has Real-Wood look, but Water Resistance and also tends to popular in every segment. Contact us now to know more detail!