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Wall Solutions

ZMARTBUILD Wet Wall Solution

ZMARTBUILD is a leading of Wall Solutions Provider. We provide a full range of wall application service e.g. Wall Cladding, Facade, Decorative Wall and Wet Area Wall that set new standards for project developers, contractors and architects deliver high quality Waterproof Solution For Walls and superior performance.

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Worry-Free with our Product & Service

Experience our complete Wall solutions such as Wall Cladding, Facade, Decorative Wall and Wet Area Wall. Worry-Free about installation. Our civil engineer and experienced installer will do all things for Waterproof Solution For Walls.
Let’s contact best ZMARTBUILD Building Material Company In India.

High Quality Product

We provide waterproof solution for walls. We use high quality products for your project. If you are seeking one stop service provider. We are your answer!

Manage by Professional

Manage your project by our expert engineers and Install your project by experienced and skilled installers

Support at Design Stage

We ensure waterproof solution for walls support you from Start to Finish to overcome challenges while understand your need.

Technical Service

Worry-Free with our product & service. We are here to provide best waterproof solution for walls to you with the technical support till the end

Think of building Wall, Think of ZMARTBUILD

ZMARTBUILD provide you a full range of Wall application from basic to advance level. The system come up with quality and durable materials. Experience our Wall Service today and you will love it!

We are Offering...

ZMARTBUILD provide you a full range of Wall application from basic to advance level. Let's select the Drywall function that suits to your projects.

Wall Cladding

Cover any vertical surface with our material to provide smooth look

Hide building structure or services like electrical or conducting with ZMARTBUILD Wall Cladding. Make your wall look simple but great!

Wall Cladding Summary

ZMARTBUILD Wall Cladding  is a solution to hide your building structure or electrical services. This will make your wall construction complete properly and ready for further decoration. Our ZMARTBUILD Wall Cladding will use high quality product in the system. You can assure that it is durable for life time.


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Make your building unlike others!

We are here to help you build the building Facade with an expert engineer and experience installer. Let’s collaborate together to build an outstanding building that everyone can remember.

Facade Summary

In architecture, the façade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. From the engineering perspective, the façade is also of great importance due to its impact on energy efficiency. Since facade is really importance for entire building, our ZMARTBUILD team has developed ZMARTBUILD Facade Solution to serve project owner, developer, architect and contractor to build an outstanding Facade to attract the audiences or visitors. Comes, let’s make everyone remember your building!


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Decorative Wall

Decorate your wall to be more outstanding and attract everyone!

We provide various types of decorative wall materials e.g. Wood Substitute (Colonial Series, New England Series, Natural Series and much more) and also decorative board. Let’s create something special to your building.

Decorative Wall Summary

Give an extraordinary transformation to your building just using decorative wall. We provide several kind of wall decoration materials which applicable both indoor and outdoor decoration. Contact us to explore our latest collection today!


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Wet Area Wall

Better Wall - Better Moisture Resistance

Wet area wall? Need a fool proof solution that can combat moisture and last a lifetime. The choice is ZMARTBUILD  Moisture Resistance Wall System.

Moisture Resistance Wall

Advantage over other materials, our board e.g. ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board or SCG Smartboard deserves its prominent function of moisture/water resistance with termite-free. Ceramic Tiles with membranes and water proof system is necessary to help prevent leakage.


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Our Latest Projects

Take a tour our latest projects in India & Worldwide. We help them to deliver the best!

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