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Ceiling Materials

ZMARTBUILD Ceiling Solutions

We provide Ceiling Materials for Office and Building Ceiling with creative ZMARTBUILD ceiling application that set new standards for productivity and efficiency of ceiling installation, helping project developers, contractors and architects deliver high quality and innovative designs.

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Worry-Free with our Product & Service

ZMARTBUILD Building Material Company In India provides Ceiling Materials for house, office and building ceiling, products and solutions with new level for premium quality specifications in High-rise residential, low-rise building, office, hotel, hospital and other commercial projects. We also help the projects to speed up installation time and delivery quality construction job to their clients by considering theΒ ceiling tiles price in India.Β 

High Quality Product

We use high quality Ceiling Materials for your office and building ceiling projects. If you are seeking one stop service provider. We are your answer!

Manage by Professional

Manage your office and building ceiling projects by our expert engineers and Install your project by experienced and skilled installers.

Support at Design Stage

We support you from Start to Finish to overcome challenges while understanding your need of ceiling materials for office and building ceiling application.

Technical Service

Worry-Free with our product & service. We are here to provide you with the technical support till the end through providing high quality ceiling materials for house, office and building ceiling application.

Let's us help you to deliver the best Ceiling

ZMARTBUILD provide you a full range of Ceiling application from basic to advance level. The system come up with quality and durable ceiling materials. Experience our Ceiling in India today and you will love it!

We are Offering...

Explore our extensive range of Ceiling in India product line has been developed to meet your qualitative needs. Let's select the office and building ceiling in India function that suits to your projects.

Concealed Ceiling

Smooth, attractive and designed for seamless decoration. No sagging.

Our extensive ceiling range includes Concealed Ceiling. It is perfectly durable and functional for your design needs.

ZMARTBUILD Ceiling Solution in India

Concealed Ceiling System Summary

Ensuring best practice for ceiling installation with our ZMARTBUILD Ceiling Solution. This Concealed Ceiling is an innovative new finishing compound reduces dust in residential & commercial projects. In addition, it is smooth, attractive and designed for seamless decoration. Anti sagging, no sagging.


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T-Grid Ceiling

Pre-finished & T-bar framing

Enable save labor cost by faster installation. ZMARTBUILD T-Grid Ceiling provide you a Pre-finished & T-bar framing that help you save time in ceiling construction. We provide various type of T-Grid Ceiling to suits your demand.

T-Grid Ceiling System Summary

Our extensive T-Grid ceiling range includes Easy-Clean, Sound Absorption, Decoration and much more. It is allow you have a choice to match your need. It is a good choice for Office Building & Commercial Projects. Moreover, our ZMARTBUILD Pre-finished & T-bar framing will help you save time in ceiling construction


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Porch Ceiling / External Ceiling

Living Outdoor, Better Living Comfort

Build your porch ceiling to be more outstanding and reflect your style. We provide various style of external ceiling materials to match your preference

Porch Ceiling / External Ceiling System Summary

ZMARTBUILD Porch Ceiling/External Ceiling System enables energy efficeincy with living comfort. SCG Smartboard Ventilation series helps circulate air flow under the roof with the factory-made drilled holes suitable for external eaves ceiling application guaranteed moisture and water resistance.


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Our Latest Projects

Take a tour our latest projects in India & Worldwide. We help them to deliver the best Ceiling in India!

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