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30 Years Warranty Roof Shingles

ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles

Best Choice of Roofing

ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles 30 Years Warrantee

Up to 30 Years Warranty

Worry-Free and peace of mind for long. Our ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles provide you 30 Years Warranty for Dual-Layer Series and 20 Years Warranty for 3-Tab Series under proper usage and maintenance conditions.

ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles Bring Beauty

Bring Beauty to Your Home

Unlike other roofing products, our Roof Shingles is the good choice for building roof to your new home or even renovate. It can make mood & tone like Western Housing Style which very famous in USA and Europe. We also have a color variety to match with your preferences and designs.

Great in Waterproof

ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles comes up with Waterproof Technology with excellent adhesion with a unique adhesive technology for waterproof asphalt shingle. Not only water resistance, but also maintaining color for a long time without worrying about bleaching such as stone powder separation. And they have UV protection functions.

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Our Roof Shingles Series

See our several shades of Roof Shingles to meet your design and functional requirements

3-TAB Series

With its own top and bottom bonding, there is no need to apply adhesive, making installation quick and easy.

Dimension : 335 mm x 1000 mm

Exposure Length : 143 mm

Number of Pieces :  22 Pcs/Bundlle

Operation Area :  3.2 Sqm/Bundle

Weight : 32 Kg/Bundle

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By using top and bottom bonding, it not only possesses strong durability and wind resistance, but also creates a beautiful roof through a three dimensional shadow effect.

Dimension : 336 mm x 980 mm

Exposure Length : 143 mm

Number of Pieces :  16 Pcs/Bundlle

Operation Area :  2.24 Sqm/Bundle

Weight : 27 Kg/Bundle

ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles 2

Inspire For Your Next Projects

Here, you can see how it look like when using ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles for home

Product Warranty

Product Features

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ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles

ZMARTBUILD offers an array of premium building solutions and materials, including ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles. Our end-to-end services are thoughtfully designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of your
building projects, representing a modernapproach to construction excellence.

Our ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles

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Installation & Advice

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We’re here, let’s talk to our sales team today. We will help you from start to finish with Worry-Free. If you are now seeking for Roofing Solutions, ZMARTBUILD has a various option that will match to your design and functionality requirement such as ZMARTBUILD Roof Shingles which is popular for home  building. Contact us now to know more detail!