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Fiber Cement Board Installation In Chennai


Fiber Cement Board + Installation

Explore the future of construction with ZMARTBUILD, India’s premier Building Material Company, as we present the cutting-edge ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) —an advanced building material meticulously crafted from cement, silica, and cellulose fibers using a unique autoclaving process. This innovative technique imparts unparalleled strength, durability, and resistance to moisture, fire, and termites.

Customized for both indoor and outdoor wall applications, particularly in areas susceptible to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens, ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) offers lightweight and easy-to-use options. It’s equally versatile when used as a ceiling material, creating a smooth canvas for various finishes, and excels as a flooring solution for both interior and exterior spaces, enduring daily wear and tear.

Step into our ZMARTBUILD showroom in Chennai to explore this innovative product while benefiting from expert consultations, design assistance, and stress-free Fiber Cement Board installation in Chennai.

Installation Service Detail

Installation Service Detail

To book your Fiber Cement Board Installation in Chennai,

Tamil Nadu

  • Click on the ‘Book This Service’ section below.
  • Fill in your name, contact particulars, and indicate your role.
  • Describe the service you require.
  • Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.
  • Click ‘Send Now’ to finalize your booking.

Our Workflow:

  • Site Visit: The ZMARTBUILD Team will reach out to set up a site visit.
  • On-Site Evaluation: Our Installation team will physically assess your
         construction site.
  • Detailed Quotation: ZMARTBUILD will furnish you with a comprehensive
         quotation covering both products and installation services.
  • Work begins: Upon your consent, ZMARTBUILD’s Fiber Cement Board Installation
         team in Chennai will initiate construction on your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) is eco-friendly in several ways:

Made from recycled materials: It incorporates recycled cellulose fibers from paper and wood waste, reducing resource consumption.

Recyclable: ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) is recyclable, allowing it to be repurposed into new products at the end of its life cycle.

Low carbon footprint: Its manufacturing process is less energy-intensive compared to traditional materials like wood and gypsum board, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Durability: ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board's (FCB) longevity reduces the need for frequent replacements, minimizing landfill waste.

In addition to its environmental benefits, this material is non-toxic and non-combustible, ensuring safe and healthy construction practices.

ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) is a cutting-edge and budget-friendly substitute for conventional wood, adding a touch of opulence to your home interiors. Offering the sophistication of genuine wooden planks, they effectively address common wood-related drawbacks. Fiber Cement Board (FCB) emerges as a superior alternative to wood due to its enhanced durability, minimal upkeep, sustainability, versatility, fire resistance, termite resistance, and lightweight properties.

ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) is a non-combustible material, meaning that it will not burn or support combustion. It also has a high fire resistance rating, meaning that it can withstand exposure to high temperatures for extended periods of time. 

ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board Information

Good Choice for

Ceiling Applications

This lightweight board simplifies ceiling installations, providing durability and dependable ceiling solutions.

Most Used for

Wall Applications

Create sleek, crack-free surfaces suitable for diverse wall applications, including partitions, exterior walls, and interior walls, even in moisture-prone regions.

Durable & Strong for

Durable Flooring Solutions

Choose ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board for superior strength, fire resistance, and termite resilience in both indoor and outdoor flooring, ensuring lasting performance and dependability.

Product Key Features

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