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Fiber Cement Board Installation In Pune


Fiber Cement Board + Installation

Located at 321/1, Munot Bhavan, Timber Market Road, Opp. Kalyan Bhel, Pune, Maharashtra, ZMARTBUILD is your ultimate destination for top-tier Fiber Cement Board solutions. Whether you’re contemplating Roofing or exploring versatile designs, our selection is comprehensive. As acclaimed Fiber Cement Board (FCB) Manufacturers, we not only provide competitive prices but also excel in delivering seamless Installation services.

Immerse yourself in the world of premium quality and durability with ZMARTBUILD, right here in Pune, Maharashtra.

Installation Service Detail

Installation Service Detail

Service Steps

  • Click “Booking This Service” and fill out the form to send a request.
  • The ZMARTBUILD Team will contact you to schedule a site survey.
  • The ZMARTBUILD Installation team will survey your construction site.
  • ZMARTBUILD will issue a quotation to you for both product and installation service costs.
  • ZMARTBUILD’s Fiber Cement Board Installation team will return to your site to commence
         construction until the job is completed.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or Call 011-411-33631.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, UV rays, and high temperatures.

With proper installation and maintenance, it can last for several decades. However, it might require repainting or refinishing every 10-15 years.

Yes, it is non-combustible and offers excellent fire resistance.

Standard woodworking tools can be used, but carbide-tipped blades are recommended for cutting the boards.

Regularly clean the surface of dirt and debris. Repaint or refinish when needed to maintain its appearance.

ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board Information

Good Choice for

Ceiling Application

ZMARTBUILD’s ‘Fiber Cement Board (FCB) Interiors’ can be used for Ceiling Application. It is light weight that will help installer complete the ceiling job done faster. In addition, it is durable and long lasting that can help you worry-free about ceiling for life time. Contact us for hassle free Fiber Cement Board Installation.

Most Used for

Wall Application

Experience smoother finishing that provides aesthetically pleasing, crack-free surfaces perfect for painting. Hence, ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board Installation is ideal for all wall applications, including wall partitions, exterior walls, and even walls in wet areas.

Durable & Strong for

Floor Application

ZMARTBUILD’s ‘ Fiber Cement Board (FCB) Interiors’ presents a new generation of cement sheet for your floor with the latest technology making the board stronger, more durable, non-flammable, and termite-resistant. It is works for flooring applications for both internal and external usage.

Product Key Features

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Documentation & Files

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