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The requirements of construction sites have changed drastically over the last few years. On one hand, the global population is rising at an unprecedented speed. 

On the other hand, the demand for shopping malls, offices, high-rise buildings, multispecialty hospitals, high-end schools, and Universities is also increasing to offer the rising population a decent lifestyle. Therefore, cities are expanding, and the demand for construction work is soaring. 

But speed remains the primary focus of all these construction works. The construction industry today faces quite a few challenges that could impede their way to success if not addressed in time. Let’s first understand the difficulties the global construction industry is encountering.  

Challenges That Lie Ahead of the Construction Industry in 2024

Modern-day construction sites suffer from a wide range of challenges. But, given the rising demand for extensive construction projects, the industry must develop effective solutions to quell these issues. Let’s focus on the primary challenges the industry has in hand in 2024. 

  • Environmental Hazards

The construction industry contributes to almost 40% of the total carbon emissions globally annually. Given the pace of current global warming, this is quite a daunting figure. If the construction industry fails to reduce this carbon footprint, the future may face environmental threats.

Importantly, people associated with this industry consider carbon emissions from products used as construction materials to be a threat. Therefore, many sites worldwide are setting for greener alternatives to reduce carbon emissions. New products and equipment are manufactured with an environmental impact.

  • On-Site Accidental Risks 

On-site safety of the workers of construction projects has always been a concern for the authorities. Of late, high-rise buildings are more in fashion, and constructing these tall edifices certainly comes with a lot of risk of falling, tripping, or slipping off the scaffoldings. 

Statistically, only in 2021, the USA accounted for 5,190 injuries and 1,500+ deaths in construction sites. The numbers are alarming and likely to grow, given the growth rate of construction projects. 

Therefore, before anything else, the construction industry should look for solutions that could diminish these numbers substantially, making on-site work safer than ever. 

  • Budget Constraints

For large-scale projects, cost can sometimes be the most imposing challenge. These projects generally start with an initial understanding and calculating the total cost. But, during the process, several unforeseen situations arise, and events happen which otherwise turn the course of finances. 

If the turns make the financial situation adverse, sustaining the project becomes challenging. For example, if a natural calamity like a storm or earthquake occurs in the area, the site might face several damages, which would require more funds for restructuring. 

The risk of such unfavourable incidents increases when the total time needed for the projects remains quite substantial. If construction houses can wrap their large projects within a shorter time, the odds of encountering such wreckages might decrease. Thus, the speed of construction remains a primary challenge for large-scale construction projects. 

  • Lack Of Digitization

Almost all sectors of the modern market have become digitized. But the construction industry has been the slowest to adopt this new practice. In a world where digitization controls almost every aspect of life, running construction projects without integrating software solutions can be difficult. 

People have become accustomed to speed everywhere due to digitized processes. In the case of the less digitized construction industry, delayed constriction can be a source of irritation for the stakeholders. They might consider the entire project and the house managing it unprofessional and poorly equipped. 

Therefore, all construction houses should think about training their employees and updating their methods to stay in business. Significantly, technologies like AR, VR, and BIM can revolutionize the construction industry in many ways. 

  • Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain inefficiency can be ominous if you use materials and machinery to build walls, columns, and beams on-site. If the materials and equipment stop coming to your site regularly, your work will practically come to a standstill. 

On-site downtimes can enhance your costs and losses at the same time. The latest technology that helps track things in transit, inventory accumulation, etc., is necessary for running large sites smoothly. Plus, using prefabricated products, moulds, and frames for construction work can be another way to deal with such slowdowns.

This is where the latest technology and innovations come in. One such innovation is ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels, which help the construction industry overcome its challenges without much ado.

Key Benefits of Using ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels

Where there are problems, there are solutions. One of the ways to deal with all these problems together can be using ZMARTBUILD wall panels for large-scale constructions. 

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These wall panels can be an excellent solution, especially for high-rise building construction that requires a lot of time and money and involves risk. Here are a few benefits of using ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels. 

  • Faster Construction

One of the primary benefits of using ZMARTBUILD wall panels remains that they add to the speed of construction. Available in a plethora of sizes and dimensions, each of these wall panels is bigger than their brick-and-mortar.

As a result, switching these wall panels enables the construction houses to finish their projects four times faster. One of the primary challenges, construction speed, faced by the construction industry in 2024 thus gets dealt with. Plus, due to larger sizes, walls made of these wall panels feature a smoother appearance with fewer joints. 

  • Strong and Long-Lasting

Only a few exist, and it is hard to think of extremities that could crash these wall panels. The reinforced corrosion-resistant steel frames infuse these walls with enormous strength. You can hand 200 kg of weight on these walls at any time. Plus, owing to the weather-proof build, these wall panels do not quickly decay or fall prey to weather conditions. 

Compared to any brick-and-mortar wall, these walls can sustain longer. The steel reinforcements also save the walls from gushing wind and other weather hazards. 

  • Improved Fire Resistance

ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel manufacturers build each piece with precision and exact features. Thus, all the panels come with improved fire resistance. 

While discussing the challenges faced by the modern-day construction industry, unforeseen incidents turned out to be one of the major concerns for long-rolling projects. 

With these latest wall panels, your construction projects will at least be safe against a sudden fire outbreak. In the case of a fire, these walls will be safe and can be protected upto 4 hours. 

  • Enables Noise Reduction

The lightweight ZMARTBUILD Wall panels also take care of the everyday noise transmission problems through the walls. With these panels in place, noise cannot travel smoothly across the enclosures. 

Therefore, enhanced privacy will be an inalienable feature of the buildings made using these wall panels. Plus, the outside noise will also not bother the inhabitants of the buildings.

  • Eco-Friendly

To begin with, ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels feature eco-friendly materials. So, these are green alternatives. 

Plus, using these panels ensures that the construction sites do not have to use a lot of cement, mortar bricks, and other materials that create a lot of waste. So, using these wall panels ensures low-waste, cleaner, and greener construction. 

  • Cost Effective

ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels are lightweight and packaged efficiently. Therefore, transportation costs remain low for these panels. Plus, these make the construction speed higher. So, projects would get over within a shorter time. To install these panels, you do not have to hire trained labourers semi-skilled labour with training from the ZMARTBUILD technical team will take care of the precise installation.

To sum up, ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels make construction projects cost-effective and budget-friendly in more than one way. 

How to Install ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels?

ZMARTBUILD Wall panels are not only useful but also easy to install. You do not require specialized people to install these. Follow the steps mentioned below to install like a professional. 

  • The surface for installation and the wall panels should be thoroughly clean. 
  • Use thin-bed mortar as the adhesive to fix the wall panels on a structure.
  • Keep the floor and the wall panel top separated by a foam layer and use a lever to lift the panel. Place a wooden wedge beneath the panel when the top touches the upper edge.
  • Fasten the panel using the steel angle, screws, and steel plugs. 
  • Continue this process until the entire area gets covered. 

Technical Information on ZMARTBUILD’s Wall Panels

Here are a few facts about these wall panels that make them outstanding and effective for all modern construction projects. 

  • Dry Density: 550-650 Kg/m3       
  • Working Density: 600-700 Kg/m3            
  • Compressive Strength: more than 4 N/mm2
  • Wind Load: 50-180 Kg/m2           
  • Water Absorption: less than 33% by mass        
  • Reinforce steel tensile strength: more than 500 N/mm2                             
  • Thermal Conductivity (k): 0.115 W/mk  
  • Fire Rating: Up to 4 hr.
  • Sound Insulation (STC): 38 – 43 dB           
  • Weight: 70 kg/m2

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Final Words

The construction industry is currently experiencing a boom. However, it can realize the full potential of this situation if it can use the latest technology and products to its advantage to overcome the existing challenges. ZMARTBUILD Wall Panels can make every construction project faster, flawless, and cost-effective.

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