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Fiber Cement Board Installation In Gwalior


Fiber Cement Board + Installation

ZMARTBUILD, India’s leading Building Material Company revolutionizes construction solutions with its cutting-edge ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) made from a combination of cement, silica and cellulose fibres. Through the unique process of Autoclaving, this new-generation building material is infused with superior strength, durability and resistance to moisture, fire and termites. 

Ideal for both interior and exterior walls, particularly in areas prone to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens, ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) offers lightweight, hassle-free solutions. It’s equally versatile for ceilings, offering a flawless surface for various finishes, and serves as an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor flooring, enduring everyday wear and tear.

Visit our ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board (FCB) showroom in Gwalior for expert advice, design assistance, and hassle-free Fiber Cement Board installation in Gwalior to easily upgrade your construction projects.

Installation Service Detail

Installation Service Detail

To book your Fiber Cement Board Installation in Gwalior,

Madhya Pradesh

  • Access the ‘Book This Service’ section below.
  • Share your name, contact details, and role.
  • Specify your service requirement.
  • Check the Terms and Conditions box.
  • Click the ‘Send Now” button to confirm your booking.

Our Workflow:

  • Initial Discussion: The ZMARTBUILD Team will get in touch to schedule a site survey.
  • On-Site Survey: Our Installation team will visit your construction site for a thorough
  • Custom Quotation: ZMARTBUILD will then provide you with a tailored quotation for products
         and installation services.
  • Project Commencement: With your approval, ZMARTBUILD’s Fiber Cement Board Installation
         team in Gwalior will return to your site to commence construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To secure the ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement boards (FCB), corrosion-resistant screws are employed, ensuring a secure attachment to the frame.
  • A deliberate gap is maintained between the boards, allowing for expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity variations.
  • These gaps are effectively sealed with silicone sealant to prevent any water infiltration.
  • Fiberglass tapes are skillfully utilized to reinforce the joints between the boards, providing an additional barrier against water and moisture.
  • To safeguard the boards from environmental elements and to enhance overall stability and durability, an impermeable finish is meticulously applied.

ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Boards (FCB) incorporate the innovative FIRM and FLEX Technology, seamlessly boosting strength, durability, and flexibility. This advanced formulation combines SCG Portland Cement, Silica, and specialized cellulose fibers, all subjected to an Autoclave process. It remains the top choice among both dealers and builders, particularly in the domain of ceiling applications.

Yes, maintaining fiber cement boards (FCB) is straightforward. Thanks to their resistance to water, mold, mildew, and fire, they demand minimal up keep. To keep fiber cement boards clean, a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth does the job. For tougher stains, a mild soap and water solution can be used, but it's best to steer clear of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they might harm the surface.

In areas with heavy traffic or high air pollution, more frequent cleaning may be necessary. Nonetheless, fiber cement boards remain relatively low-maintenance, even in such conditions.


ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board Information

Good Choice for

Ceiling Efficiency

This lightweight board expedites ceiling installations, ensuring enduring durability and reliability for worry-free ceiling solutions.

Most Used for

Wall Versatility

Achieve sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and crack-resistant surfaces, perfect in humid environments.

Durable & Strong for

Flooring Resilience

Harness the strength, non-flammability, and termite resistance of ZMARTBUILD Fiber Cement Board for your indoor and outdoor flooring needs, delivering long-lasting performance and dependability.

Product Key Features

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