AAC Walls vs Other Walls

There are as many walling applications as there are types of spaces in construction.

From load-bearing walls and shear walls to partition walls and more, each home, hotel, mall, office, school and any other space requires these for needs specific to the nature of their property. But what unites these spaces is the basic principle behind walls. 

The ability to split spaces into rooms and help people immerse themselves in a space of their own, free from outside hurdles of noise, weather, etc. To develop a nation, construction also develops to build better to offer better. Among the many next-generation advancements, we turn our heads today towards the AAC Wall or the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall.

What Are AAC Walls?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall, also known as Readymade Wall or Precast Wall, is one of the many building solutions to revolutionise construction with the rise of prefabricated building material. 

As with prefabricated construction, where building materials are manufactured at factories away from the construction site and delivered to the location only to be assembled with the rest of the building, these precast walls are also manufactured beforehand to eliminate the threats of delay, reduce risks to the workforce, and save on cost.

Made with a specific chemical treatment of concrete, called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC, the resulting Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall or AAC Wall is lightweight and, yet, promises superior strength. This is thanks to the high-pressure steam curing of its unique blend of natural raw materials and fine aggregates such as cement, lime, water, and a small percentage of aluminium powder.

Benefits Of AAC Walls:

On top of saving on-site installers time and heavy lifting, we list the benefits of our Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall, to help you see how it stands in comparison to other walling solutions as we move further.

Increased Carpet Area:

Slim & sturdy walls take up less space

Faster Installation:

6x faster project completion than traditional means


For flexural strength, safety & durability

Low Finishing Cost:

Saves total cost by requiring less labour & time

Fire Resistant:

It is non-combustible & resistant for up to 4 hours

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation:

Excellent at noise reduction & slowing heat transfer


Reduces the consumption of water during installation


Yet gives superior strength

AAC Walls Compared With Other Walling Solutions:

Now that we have brought you up to speed with what our Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall, called the ZMARTBUILD WALL By NXTBLOC, does, we present to you the facts of other walling solutions and help you conclude which walling solution can help you develop your space better.

Walls With Traditional Bricks:

Natural clay, mixed with water, gets moulded into rectangular shapes and heated in the kiln at high temperatures to form clay bricks, also known as Red Bricks, to become the oldest known walling solution.

With high density and low thermal conductivity, Red Bricks become a suitable choice for environments where temperature regulation and noise reduction are needed. Red bricks offer strong load-bearing support but fall short when it comes to water absorption and eco-friendliness.

Their increased weight also leads to investing more manpower and time in successful application in construction. 

Walls With Concrete Blocks:

Concrete blocks, made with a mix of cement, water, and aggregates, are known for their lasting strength against natural threats and cracks.

They have long been the popular choice, owing to being sustainable. For both, the structure, and the environment, due to being made with naturally occurring, recyclable materials.

While they offer strength, seepage is their biggest weakness. Having a porous surface allows water to easily pass through and cause dampening and leakage. It can cause the walls to develop a greyish or white look.

Sandwich Walls:

As the name implies, sandwich walls are made up of three layers. A low-density core in the middle, accompanied by thin skin layers at the top and the bottom. The skin layers are usually made up of concrete. Sandwich walls are useful when the need for good structural rigidity and lightweight walling solution rises.

However, they come with the limitation with respect to load-bearing, UV rays, moisture, and more. So, while they can be an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution during building, they do require careful planning, and specialised knowledge for repairs, and are not a highly environmentally friendly option. 

Drywall (Gypsum Board) Walls:

The drywall installation system helps build walls without relying on mortar or plaster. Drywall is a walling solution made using gypsum board (calcium sulfate dihydrate), paper, mica, clay, and resin. They are known for landing convenience and efficiency in their installation as an interior walling or ceiling solution. However, given their less durable core, they become prone to damage from impacts and tears.

Comparative Analysis:

SpecificationsRed BrickDrywall (Gypsum Board)Sandwich WallAAC BlockZMARTBUILD Wall by NXTBLOC
Dry Density (kg/m3)1950600-8001000550 - 650550 - 650
Working Density (kg/m3)2,000NA1,150600 - 700600 - 700
Wind Load (kg/m2)Up to 150Up to 160Up to 120Up to 160Up to 180
Compressive Strength (N/mm2)>3.5>4>4>4.2>4.2
Water Absorption (By Volume)<43%<90%<33%<33%<33%
Fire Resistance1.5 hrs (100 mm)1 hr (100 mm)2 hrs (75 mm)4 hrs (100 mm)2.5 hrs for 75 mm 4 hrs for 100 mm
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K)0.810.
STC Rating (dB)50 (230 mm)40 (100 mm)35 (100 mm)38 - 43 (100 mm)38 - 43 (100 mm)
Reinforce Steel Tensile Strength (N/mm2)NANANANA>500
Weight (kg/m2)185 (115 mm)2054 (75 mm)70 (100 mm)53 for 75 mm 70 for 100 mm

Uses Of The AAC Walls:

Now that you have acquired significant walling knowledge, you can choose our AAC Wall as a walling solution for the following projects:

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Industrial & Warehousing
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Multi-storey Buildings
  • Renovations & Remodelling
  • Soundproof Construction
  • Green Building & Sustainable Solutions

When developing a space, the right walling solution can introduce efficiency, durability, and all-round optimisation for a lasting period. Choose well to have your experience and profits maximise.

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