The Evolution Of Indian Building Starts Here

SCG International Joins BIGBLOC Construction Limited To Build Better


It is truly the golden age for growth & development in India.

With a titanic boom in the housing economy and constant, committed & comforting support towards infrastructure by the Indian government, India is set on the path to being the Golden Sparrow when it comes to construction.

It is among our fastest-growing industries. Helping a total of 9% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and becoming the country’s second biggest employer in a land of around 71 million people.

Following this trajectory, we can soon become the third-largest construction market in the world.

But our rapidly evolving construction sector has proven, time & again, that time is money here. To help India catch up with the fast-paced needs of the construction sector, SCG International partnered with BIGBLOC Construction Limited to bring forward an innovative solution that saves time and maximises operational efficiency & profit margins. This joint venture is set to unveil the marvels of their Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Walls to all at their landmark event, titled, “BEYOND Alliance”.

What Is The BEYOND Alliance?

It is the bond between countries to introduce the next-generation walling solution for the betterment of all.

  • – A joint venture going beyond borders
  • – An offering going beyond innovation

ZMARTBUILD WALL By NXTBLOC, a joint venture between SCG International & BIGBLOC Construction Limited, brings in a new ear of world-class walling solutions by carrying forward the parent companies’ proud legacies.

BEYOND Alliance shows how we blend innovation & sustainability to build a better, more eco-friendly future for all. And when our lightweight, steel-reinforced and internal & external non-load-bearing walls offer faster completion & a long-lasting solution, that future will be here faster than you can imagine.

An Alliance Of Two Construction Leaders

SCG International:
SCG Group from Thailand carries over 110 years of expertise in delivering end-to-end cement and construction solutions around the world. With a strong vision, SCG brings in cutting-edge technologies to elevate India’s construction sector. With innovations such as 3D Printing, Ultra-High Performance Concrete & more, they continue to reshape the Indian construction sector. They evolve the landscape by creating complex structures with ease, reducing waste, and promoting a more sustainable & greener environment.

BIGBLOC Construction Limited:
As a fellow pioneer in sustainable building solutions, BIGBLOC from India, played a pivotal role in the creation of the ZMARTBUILD Wall by NXTBLOC. It is dedicated to advancing construction and infrastructure by providing superior building materials with a blend of strength and lightweight, creating a unique mix. Their unwavering commitment to green building solutions has established them as leaders in the industry.

What’s Next?

Walls are increasing in popularity quickly. Be it the construction of homes or office spaces, they are sought after for extensions and alterations. ZMARTBUILD WALL By NXTBLOC, through its AAC Wall, helps all build strong walls faster and achieve better efficiency over operations.

BEYOND Alliance is a vision to bring the future to the present, helping generation after generation live their best with the best possible solutions. Follow us as we grow together.  


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