SPC Flooring: A Perfect Solution for Indian Climate and Lifestyle

What is ZMARTBUILD SPC Flooring


Solid Polimer Composite (SPC) flooring is prevalent in many domestic and commercial spaces for its immense value-added features. Be the structure or the associated components; these floorings have consistently provided maximum safety and comfort. Now let us delve into the prominent features that make SPC flooring suitable for the Indian climate and lifestyle.

Distinctive Alternate

The demand for SPC floors across industries has been skyrocketing in recent decades. This is because SPC vinyl flooring is ideal for spaces where foot movements can be frequently observed. Hence, it is chosen as the best alternative for other types of flooring.

As the name suggests, Solid Polimer Composite contains the mix, making it rigid and suitable for floors. The composition is made of limestone and stabilizers, which is more vital than traditional vinyl.

Eventually, SPC flooring is considered the best next-generation one. This vinyl flooring is completely water-resistant and is deemed suitable for all spaces. Designers recommend these floorings for wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom.

The rigid nature of SPC makes it a choice with no substitutes for many business purposes. These have the innate tendency to adapt to rapid temperature changes across comprehensive geographical areas. Though SPC vinyl is widely preferred for public or significant business places, private areas and homes can also be grounded with this material.

Perks of SPC Flooring

The potential of SPC vinyl flooring for the Indian climate can never be fully understood until we study its applications across different areas.

A quality manufacturing blend of materials enables the SPC vinyl floors to withstand high resistance, impacts, scratches, and shocks.

Layering is essential in SPC flooring as it is integral in deciding the core strength. In this aspect, SPC flooring is rated as the top material. The resistance offered by the multi-layered surface is suitable for office chair wheels, toys, and pet traffic.

The combination of PVC and stone powder provides finer resolve to the surface of the materials used to produce SPC.

Floor planimetry needs the right planning to withstand temperature changes, especially in a landscape like India. The application of SPC floors should be studied as it offers more robust flexibility and resistance, thus making floor planning less demanding.

How SPC Arrangement Does Wonders for The Spaces?

The tropical climate is prevalent across major Indian cities. Therefore, engineers are conditioned to go through the materials that make up the layers. As we have discussed earlier, the resistance offered by SPC is because of the multiple layers consisting of high-density wood fiberboard. Additional overlay to the layers strengthen the material and protect against abrasion and wear.

The omni-adaptability feature of SPC flooring bolsters stability as the material offers minimal expansions and contractions. The 100% waterproof quality of the material is one of the notable characteristics that can alleviate spaces from unnecessary dampness and wet surfaces.

Easy installation and integrity maintained throughout the material’s surface make SPC flooring a perfect fit for an aesthetic lifestyle in all climatic conditions.

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