Transform Your Home with SPC Flooring: Stylish and Durable Flooring Option for Indian Interiors

spc flooring


The major choice of flooring in India for commercial and residential purposes should be durable and ensure thorough resistance. Hence, SPC flooring is preferred for Indian interiors. It offers great advantages and enhancement to floors at an affordable cost, making the SPC floor market wider in India.

In addition to designs and patterns, SPC flooring offers numerous functionality and is easy to install. You can remodel or transform your home into your desired living space using SPC floors. Let us look into the 3 significant variations of SPC floors that could add aesthetic value to your home.

SPC Tiles

Generally, the squarish shape tiles that are similar to the ceramic stone are termed SPC floor tile flooring. These PVC tiles come in various designs, thus enabling manufacturers to develop novel creations. Your home floor can appear anything like a beautiful road en route to your dream spots. The designs are inspired by luxury marble, granite, realistic, and natural hardwood models.

The quality of SPC tiles yields the demand for high-resilient flooring across various business and commercial requirements. Luxury SPC tiles furnish qualities that can underscore optimum thickness up to 5mm and the wear layer up to 0.5mm. These provide perfect finishes to the floor, feigning durability and great texture.

Most luxury SPC tiles are glue less and can be installed quickly without any hassle. We will provide you with instructions on how to install these titles yourself. Now comes the significant part where the SPC tile could be installed without removing the existing flooring. This would transform your space while saving money, time, and labor work.

SPC Sheet Flooring

This flexible variant of SPC flooring focuses on the dimensions to a larger extent.

You have the option to customize the size based on the requirement. The installation process can happen after this process. Though it is in sheet form, this type of SPC flooring retains its originality and overall look and feel. The looks can be of exotic wood, natural stones, and ceramic.

These SPC flooring sheets can also be installed without removing your existing floor, just like SPC tiles. However, the surface should be dust-free, flat smooth, and dry. Also, checking for any cracks and repairing them before installation is recommended.

SPC Plank Flooring

 This type of SPC flooring is being purchased more in the market because of its efficient functionality. SPC plank flooring transforms your interior with exotic looks as it is available in various widths, thicknesses, and designs. You could also expect a flexible fitting system with this type of SPC flooring. 

Both wide and narrow plank SPC flooring are available in the market. You can install the planks with loose lay, glued down, self-adhesive, and click-cock. 

Many other types of SPC flooring and installation processes in the market shall be customized based on the need and requirements of business and residential spaces.

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