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Picking the Right Drywall Type Made Easy

“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.”Louis Kahn


While most of the people think that the architectural process or the construction of any space is just about creating a building, what they forget to understand is that architecture in itself is an art. The end result reflects the type of excellence architects and contractors have in their skills. Moreover, the building also mirror backs the style and taste of the owner. Therefore, every material used in its construction must be selected wisely.

Drywall panel, for instance, must be chosen carefully to make the most of its benefits over the traditional brick and mortar construction. We at SCG Smart Build, offer various types of drywall, catering to the ranging needs of the Indian geography and society. Be it a hospital, office or home; our drywall panel are crafted with high precision to redefine the walls of each facility with the best results. In this article, we will focus on the factors that are necessary to be considered when one needs to pick the right drywall. Read on!



It is vital to understand the space that is going to be furnished with the drywall panel – whether it is a residential or commercial project. A complete understanding will help in picking up the right type of drywall. Some of the application areas of drywalls include:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Institutes
  • Offices
  • Residential Buildings
  • Government Buildings

Moreover, one should know that different regions need different types of drywall. For instance, if one needs to build walls of the kitchen, they should opt for drywall that offers heat and moisture resistance. Our Internal Drywall System provides high protection from moisture and also resists fire. In addition, they are way lighter, get installed faster and last longer than a traditional brick wall. The SCG SmartBOARD Squared Edge is also available in different sizes with 8, 9, 10, 12 and 14-mm thickness, making it easy for architects to choose drywall as per the requirements.



Whether the building is located in a high-humidity area or amidst a noisy area, everything matters when selecting the drywall. The reason behind this lies in the features that different drywall panels offer. For instance, acoustical control of drywall system becomes important if space is located near an area which has a high exposure to sound.


Another condition that gets easily prevented through drywall panel is moisture. This factor makes drywall a perfect option for buildings situated in humid areas. Drywalls resist the moisture and also prevent any leakage of water; thereby lasting longer. To add on to this, fire resistance property of drywalls also becomes important. If the building ever catches fire, drywall makes sure that people get enough time for evacuation. Similarly, heat insulation and environment-friendly features of drywall play a vital role when one selects them for a specific location.



Different drywall panel serve different purposes. For instance, the drywalls which one wishes to use for exterior areas have the advanced performance to cater to high durability. Moreover, they also come with the different aesthetics to add style to the exterior walls. The construction also becomes faster and achieving perfection is not a tough task when the workers are handling light-weighted drywalls. In case the drywalls are needed for renovation or remodelling purpose, one can opt for a drywall system which can be easily decorated with ceramic tiles, wallpaper or lamination, suiting the style of the project.



Though one may have found the perfect drywall, it is advised not to purchase it before checking its standardization. Various drywalls also have environment standard reflecting their green nature. We at SCG Smart Build, offer quality drywall products that have received multiple certifications and gone through rigorous testing to verify that they are safe and conform to international standards. For further details, one can explore our website and know all types of certifications that our products have received for their quality check.



Though mentioned in the end, this one is perhaps the most important one in this list. Drywalls come at various prices depending on their features and specifications., However, when one analyses the number of benefits and advantages drywalls possess, spending a little bit proves to be quite worthy.


Moreover, as drywalls are easy to install, the construction takes less time. Contractors can eventually save money and time that is spent per project. There are also many options of drywalls which can easily fit in the budget allowing project owners, contractors and architects to offer the best output in the allocated budget.


Opting for the right drywall is not as difficult as it seems. One needs to be sure about the requirements, and they can easily find one. At SCG Smart Build, we also send samples and all the important information about our products on request. Get in touch with us, now!




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