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Why Fiber Cement Board is Recommended for High Rise Buildings?

The construction industry is undergoing a revolutionary change across the globe. Architects and contractors are adopting new-age construction materials to give high-rise buildings a robust and aesthetically pleasing finish. Fiber cement board is fast becoming the go-to material in all types of constructions. The plethora of advantages that back this new-age construction material is bringing nothing less than a reform in the construction industry.


Fiber cement board is a robust material composed of cellulose fibers, cement and sand. First patented in 1901, fiber cement board underwent a change from having asbestos-containing material to becoming environment and health-friendly in the 1980s. Because of its low-maintenance demands, durability and fine finish, fiber cement board is perfect for any type of building. Though it costs a bit more in the beginning, in the long run, proves to be pocket-friendly.


So, without much ado, let’s have a look at the advantages of fiber cement board in the construction of high-rise buildings.



Delivery of any construction project often gets delayed due to many factors. Water scarcity and difficulty in transportation of heavy materials are the two main causes of delay when bricks act as the backbone of any construction. However, fiber cement board is 6 times lighter than bricks, thus making transportation a hassle-free job. The lightweight property of this innovative building material is attracting many architects and contractors.


2.Faster Construction

When the building material is light, the construction automatically starts happening at a faster rate. Using fiber cement board as a primary construction material aids in faster delivery of any project. Not only is construction with fiber cement board 4 times faster than brick walls but it also saves up to 25-40% labour cost. So, hypothetically, if it takes around a year for a high-rise building to finish using bricks, it will take about 3 months to deliver a building using fiber cement board. With such a fast construction rate, imagine the speed at which urban development will spread across the country.


3.Water Resistant

One of the most significant advantages of using fiber cement board in the construction of high-rise buildings is its water-resistant capability. Whether the area receives heavy rainfall or has hot and humid weather, fiber cement board outlasts its competitors often by decades. To put it simply, no matter how much it rains and how wet the board gets, it will not rot. Furthermore, popular manufacturers like SCG Smart Build offer fiber cement board with FIRM and FLEX technology. Their products are robust enough to tackle extreme rains and other weather conditions according to JIS Standard A5420.


4.Durable and Low-Maintenance

When it comes to high-rise buildings, perking the exterior and interior requires regular upkeep. However, when the exteriors are made using fiber cement board, maintenance will become a thing of the past. Moreover, the durable nature of this material pays off for itself in a matter of years. How? Because there is no repair or maintenance required. Furthermore, this material does not fade, chip or peel and is fire and insect resistant as well.


5.Fire Resistant

The combination of Portland cement, silica, and special cellulose fiber make fiber cement board resistant to fire. Fiber cement board carries Class 1(A) fire/flame spread rating – the highest rating possible. So, even if the high-rise is not in a fire-prone area, having the exterior covered in fiber cement board can keep the building protected from accidental fire. When we talk about fire resistance, fiber cement board is the best choice for high-rise buildings.



Architects and contractors must turn towards fiber cement board for the exterior needs of a high-rise building. No matter what the style of the architecture is, this versatile material can seamlessly fulfill all the requirements. Choose from any of the popular manufacturers like SCG Smart Build and the end result would be faster and more than satisfying.






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