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Why Choose Drywall For Your Next Project?

With the advent of globalisation, the construction landscape is also changing at a faster rate than previously anticipated. New technologies such as computer-aided design, advanced equipment and material are enabling more rapid and better construction. All these technological innovations are leading to new construction material and techniques being researched which are shaping the future of the construction industry.


The first use of drywalls dates back to 1940s, and since then they have changed the construction landscape enormously. Drywalls are typically made of thick fibre cement board and gypsum panels. They are a preferred alternative for brick and mortar construction and have similar strength as that of a brick wall. However, the reasons you should choose them in your next project is that drywall installation is easy, fast and comes with many more unparalleled benefits.


Here are the reasons why you should choose drywall for your next project!


1.Faster Construction

The speed of construction is one of the primary reasons to choose drywall for your next project. Brick and mortar construction has become obsolete since it is time-consuming and increases labour cost. Whether you are an end-customer, architect or a contractor, choosing a drywall construction is recommended because it is four times faster than its conventional counterpart. It saves labour costs and scarce natural resources like water. The direct result is speedier construction with better results.


2.Fire Resistance

Drywalls are fire resistant and can hold off fire longer than brick and mortar construction. The material – gypsum and fibre cement board ensure that the fire does not spread quickly which in turn helps in evacuating the building(s) faster. Drywall installation is the perfect choice for both commercial and residential properties as it ensures the safety of both people and the business.


3.Moisture Resistant

Drywalls are also moisture resistant which makes them ideal for areas with a tropical climate. This characteristic also makes them last longer than brick and mortar construction. While the conventional brick and mortar construction can easily dampen with light moisture, drywalls do not. Hence, preventing loss of valuable paint job, wallpapers and other aesthetical jobs on the walls. Since moisture is dependent on geographical areas, we at SCG Smart Build specifically target varied climatic regions like India.


4.Superior Acoustics

One of the most significant issues most contractors and architects face is building a soundproof room for their clients. Drywalls are the perfect solution for achieving soundproof rooms. Whether it is for privacy or a home studio – the 66 decibels rating of our drywalls works well for all commercial and residential purposes. Hospitals, classrooms and libraries can take benefit of the superior acoustics of drywall. It is especially useful in metropolitan cities where there is a lack of space and buildings are much closer to one another.


5.Environmentally Friendly

In the day and age when most countries are facing pollution crisis, there is a strict conscious need to use products and materials that help put a stop to such a crisis. Drywalls consist of gypsum and fiberboard – both environmentally friendly materials. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of drywalls utilises scarce natural resources like water and fertile sand in a much less quantity. There are also fewer CO2 emissions during manufacturing. We at SCG Smart Build, offer sustainable drywall solutions that are entirely recyclable and save up to 99% of the water.


6.Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only is drywall installation easy, but it is a boon for professionals who only deliver quality and aesthetically pleasing projects. Drywall is nothing short of architectural splendour. It has a smooth and crack-free surface that is easy to paint. It is used with a host of materials such as paints, wallpapers and such. Moreover, drywall can be easily curved and are desirable for achieving different wall shapes – a must have for places undergoing remodeling and renovation. Even the wiring and maintenance is easier, faster and results in an even finish.


Drywall construction has revolutionised the construction industry around the world and is quickly gaining pace in developing countries like India. They surpass brick and mortar construction in every way, and more contractors and architects like you are adopting drywalls for their numerous advantages.




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