BIG BLOC and SCG International India sign agreement to develop lightweight concrete blocks and panels business in India

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To promote mutual growth and business expansion in global construction markets, SCG International India Pvt. Ltd. (or “SCG INTL INDIA”), CementBuilding Materials Business, SCG announces a partnership with Big Bloc Construction Limited. (or “BCL”). The partnership will produce and sell lightweight concrete blocks and panels with a total capacity of approximately 2.6 million square meters (about 250,000 cubic meters) in Gujarat, India, in which construction is a significant and growing industry.

Photo: BIG BLOC and SCG International Joint Venture Agreement Signing Ceremony

The total value of this project is 891 million Indian rupees (approximately 410 million Baht). SCG INTL INDIA and BCL will hold a 48% and 52% equity stake respectively in the Joint Venture. The plant construction is expected to be complete within one year, followed by a commercial start-up.

Incorporated in 2015, Big Bloc Construction Limited is a significant player in the construction market of Western India in producing building products and solutions. Lightweight concrete panels, in particular, contribute not only to cost and time reduction in the construction process but are also environmentally friendly. In addition, the product helps improve construction efficiency.

“ We are pleased to announce our inaugural collaboration with SCG to enter newer markets and expand ourselves with our diversified product lines. We are the leading manufacturer of ALC Blocks in India, and ALC Panel is a new age building material that will further enhance the speed and quality of construction. We are competent to cater to more demand, and hence we look forward to scaling up by further promoting our product basket.

SCG is undoubtedly the best for the purpose since it is one of the largest cement and building material companies in Thailand and Southeast Asia.We look forward to the success of this excellent opportunity which is mutually beneficial for both of our businesses.” Mr.Narayan Saboo, Chairman, BIG BLOC Construction Limited, said.

Align to its corporate vision, SCG International Corporation, ‘To be the most Trusted International Business Partner.’ SCG International India aims to share its expertise, construction technology and know-how to support INDIA growth. Simultaneously, BIG BLOC will provide business through their strong networks including architects, contractors, applicators, and project developers/owners, to promote and distribute the products.

“ SCG International operates the business under the guiding principle of ESG (Environment, Social & Good Governance). We commit to driving innovative products and solutions that meet our customer needs while contributing towards the sustainable growth of the communities where we operate. SCG International realized that to achieve sustainable and impactful growth, we would need to extend our presence on the ground in India and focus on complete solutions by leveraging our knowledge and experience rather than product sales. The JVA, which we have signed together with our partner Big Bloc marks an important move by SCG to enter into the Indian Building Solutions market.

The ALC Panels have been widely used in Thailand with great success. These products help reduce construction time and labor, as well as being environmentally friendly. We believe the JV will benefit from the strong synergies between the two parties – Big Bloc has already been the reputed and established player in ALC Blocks. I believe the JV would be beneficial to INDIA construction market in term of  supporting infrastructure growth and being environmental friendly” Mr. Abhijit Datta, Managing Director of SCG International Corporation co. Ltd said.

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