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SCG Fiber Cement Board

A New Generation of Fiber Cement Board

Let’s you create your space with material like Fiber Cement Board that can allow you to enhancing the safety and long-term performance in several applications. SCG Fiber Cement Board Manufacturer, who produces SCG Smartboard, is the most suitable choice for internal and external wall & partition, in construction of building, housing, or renovated area. SCG Fiber Cement Board also the perfect choice for developers who are need high impact strength and lasting durability, easy installation and neat finishing material.

SCG Smartboard is a new generation of fiber cement board material with FIRM and FLEX Technology made the board gain strength, durability and elasticity in one time. SCG Smartboard ( fiber cement board), with state-of-the-art composition of SCG Portland Cement, Silica, and Special cellulose fiber through Autoclave process, is specially designed for various ceiling, wall, and flooring applications both internal and external usage.

SCG Fiber Cement Board

SCG Fiber Cement Board - SCG Smartboard Sqaure Edge

Firm & Flex Technology. High impact strength. Lasting durability.

SCG is the leading Fiber Cement Board manufacturer in Thailand

Firm & Flex


High impact strength, lasting durability and easy installation fiber cement board.

SCG SmartBOARD is fiber cement board that most suitable choice for external and internal wall & parttion, especially in the construction of housing extened, renovated area, and office & commercial

Special Properties

Material Consistency : Environmentally Friendly And Recyclable.


Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderaba, Bangalore, and Kochi

Choose your Fiber Cement Board

Explore our full range of our SCG Fiber Cement Board products that has been developed to meet your needs.

SCG Fiber Cement
Sheet - Square Edge

Size :   4' x 8' x 6 mm.

Price :   960-1056 INR/pcs

SCG Fiber Cement
Sheet - Square Edge

Size :   4' x 8' x 8 mm.

Price :   1280-1408 INR/pcs

SCG Fiber Cement
Sheet - Square Edge

Size :   4' x 8' x 12 mm.

Price :   1920-2112 INR/pcs

SCG Fiber Cement
Sheet - Square Edge

Size :   4' x 8' x 18 mm.

Price :   2880-3168 INR/pcs

Specification and Standard


Specially designed for wall and ceiling both intenal & external use.

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