Reason to choose Drywall

Renovating Your Home? 5 Reasons to Choose Drywall

Have you known Drywall and its advantages for your building? This article is showing you to understand some reasons to choose drywall … Ready??

The process of renovation involves a lot of crucial decision-making. Some decisions like picking out the furniture, wall paint color, and curtains can be easily changed when one gets bored. Other decisions such as the type of building material to use for the walls are much more permanent. A large part of designing and planning goes into the process of material selection. It is important to consider all the options before choosing the right type of wall material for your home.

Owing to the various innovative technologies, brick walls are becoming quite redundant. Their construction is a wet process that consumes a lot of natural resources, time and labour. On the other hand, drywalls have revolutionised the construction industry around the globe. Most of the developed nations have adopted this technology for its numerous advantages. To help you make a better decision, here are some reasons why you should choose drywall.

5 Reasons to Choose Drywall

1.Faster Construction and Lower Cost

The installation of drywall is a quick process as it does not require foundations or brickwork. In fact, construction with drywall is four times faster than other materials. Since there is less time spent on construction and labour, there is also a 25-40% decrease in the labour cost.

Furthermore, repairing drywalls is quick and easy upon damage. Drywall repair techniques can quickly fix damage, cracks, holes, and chips without having to replace entire sections than those in brick walls. So, both installation and maintenance prove to be cost-effective eventually, when using drywall.



Drywall is immensely versatile. It can be shaped or moulded as per your needs, offering the freedom to create the space you imagine. They are moisture and mould resistant, making them ideal for places like kitchen, pool areas, bathrooms and more. These walls can take all types of finishes such as wallpaper, wall paint and laminates. Moreover, if you want to divide a room, drywall partition can be curved and put into different shapes conveniently. With drywall, changing the look of a room is as simple as painting the walls.


3.Fire Resistant

Another major benefit of drywall is that it is fire-resistant, making it a sensible choice for architects and contractors. Comprising of a material called fiber cement board and gypsum, drywall ensures that fire does not spread as quickly as it does in spaces with brick walls. The fire-resistant property of drywalls offers the occupants enough time to evacuate the structure. Hence, this feature cannot just save property, but more importantly, it can also save lives.


4.Acoustical Control

One of the simplest ways to make a house more appealing is by adding soundproof insulation. Privacy is one of the most crucial elements to consider when designing a living space. Soundproof insulation, due to its composition and the way it is installed, blocks tiny gaps that may allow outside air to enter the house. This exceptional quality prevents sound movement from one room to the other, while also enhancing the property value.


5.Environmentally Friendly

Drywalls are made of fiber cement board and gypsum, which is an environmentally friendly material. There are fewer CO2 emissions during manufacturing and less resources like water and fertile sand are required during the installation of drywall. SCG Smart Build is one such brand that offers sustainable drywall solutions. Their products are recyclable and save up to 99% of water (during curing) when compared to a brick wall.

Whether you are remodelling a house, constructing a new one or installing a drywall partition, choosing the right construction material is a challenging task. The versatility of drywalls shapes the look, flow and feel of any home. Drywalls have revolutionised the construction industry, offering the best bang for the buck for all architects, contractors, and customers.

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