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Answered: 5 Drywall Installation FAQs

The construction industry is witnessing a boom, and drywall installation is an integral part of this change. Drywall installation and purchase is nothing less than an investment for a homeowner as it lasts longer than brick and mortar construction.


Though everyone knows drywalls are the new age construction material that forms a robust foundation of any structure, many doubts keep people away from opting for this versatile product. We at SCG Smart Build take pride in being one of the most trusted drywall manufacturers and often come across many questions that cloud the mind of our prospective customers including architects and contractors.


So, here are the answers to five of the most common questions that we come across about drywalls and everything around them.


Are Drywalls as Durable as Brick Walls?


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This is one of the most common questions asked by architects and contractors who are new to the business. The truth is that drywall panels are much durable than a regular brick and mortar construction. Not only are they resistant to the heat but also prevent termite attack, do not get chipped, have a superior weather-resistant property while being moisture-resistant.  


In a nutshell, drywalls are reliable, robust and typically last for a lifetime – unless subjected to alteration and abuse.


They are Pricy, Why Would Anyone Want It?



When compared to a brick and mortar construction, drywalls last much longer. With the capability of lasting the life of the construction, drywalls easily payback the price that was initially invested at the beginning of the construction. A longer lifespan and robust nature mean the occupants won’t have to spend in frequent repairs that can cost heavy on the pocket.


Furthermore, the best thing about drywalls is that the overall construction time is 6-8 times faster than brick and mortar walls. Thus, lowering down the total cost of the panels. With construction happening at a faster rate, the labor cost decreases while there is no delay in the delivery of the project.


Will It Protect the Construction from Termite Attack?


Termite attack in homes and other facilities is common in countries like India. These tiny creatures destroy the entire wood construction from inside while making it hollow over time. Drywall installation protects the facility from termites while making the interior look appealing. Thus, keeping homes safe for decades to come.


Is It as Weather-Friendly as Brick Walls?



The truth is that drywalls exhibit more weather-friendly qualities than regular brick walls. As architects and contractors, you all know that every project has a different construction need to complete it successfully, they all must be addressed accordingly. However, weather friendliness of building material is one such feature that can prove to be advantageous for all commercial projects.


Tropical areas experience hot and humid weather all year round and can easily benefit from the weather-friendly feature of drywall. With drywall installation, walls will no longer be prone to moisture while incurring low maintenance costs.


The Labor Cost Will Go High, Wouldn’t It?

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What if we tell you that construction happens six times faster with drywalls than brick and mortar? Yes, that’s right! With construction happening at a faster rate the labour cost (saves up to 25-40% cost) automatically goes down. We recommend all the architects and contractors to choose drywalls for their next construction as it not just faster than its counterpart but also saves scarce natural resources like water.


Let’s take an example here; if it takes around a year for a structure to finish using brick and mortar, it will take about three months for the same construction to finish using drywalls.


These are five of the most commonly asked questions related to the durability and working of drywalls. We will keep adding questions as and when we come across and find them relevant for the contractors and architects. In the meanwhile, you can explore our website for drywall installation and product information.





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