Why you should use Fiber Cement Board

5 Lesser Known Reasons to Consider Fiber Cement Sheet for Your Next Project

Innovation is always considered the first step to a successful project. Whether it is the method, material or design, the innovative approach can be adopted in any way. However, at times, people tend to leave efficient ideas behind due to incomplete knowledge. Fiber cement sheet is one such building material that is not just an innovative option but also a better choice than the traditional brick walls.


With time, it has made an entry in the construction projects of top architects across the world. In India too, this product has started its journey. More and more people are now choosing fiber cement sheet to ensure efficient buildings. We too have launched products as per the current needs of the Indian subcontinent.


In this article, we are addressing the five lesser-known reasons that prove why choosing fiber cement sheet is a great decision for your next project. Take a look!


1.Resistance to Water

Moisture Resistance Gypsum Board MoistBloc


It is a known fact that fiber cement sheets are easier to handle and get installed faster than the traditional brick walls. However, not many know that fiber cement sheet offer resistance from water and moisture; thereby, saving the construction project from dampness.


The climate of India is diverse, and there are many regions where high moisture tends to damage the building rapidly. In such areas, fiber cement sheets prove to be the best alternative to secure the building from damages through water leakage and humidity. Our products have been tested thoroughly for such climatic conditions and conform to the JIS Standard A5420.


2.Keeps Away Termites

We understand that termites can be a big menace when they start harming a home. Once they encroach a building, their presence increases, and it becomes quite difficult to get rid of them. Thus, we use Portland cement mixed with cellulose fiber in our SCG Smartboard which is then passed through the process of vaporisation using high temperature and pressure. This makes them resist termites to ensure the high durability and delay the rotting and decaying of the building as well.


3.Protection from Fire


Speed wall made in thailand


Another way in which fiber cement sheets protect a building is by resisting fire. Fire accidents are commonly heard every other day, and most of the times it’s just a single spark that can lead to havoc in a building. By installing fiber cement sheets, people can combat fire better than ever.


Fiber cement sheets are fire resistant and can hold up fire, giving enough time for the people to follow the evacuation process. This property makes them a perfect choice for commercial as well as residential construction projects.


4.Keeps Buildings Cool

Compared to other light-weight wall materials, fiber cement sheets offer low heat conductivity that makes them best for green buildings. It prevents the heat from the environment and keeps the interiors cool and comfortable. This way fiber cement sheets also reduce the energy consumption and save the costs later.

Due to this benefit, fiber cement sheets are preferred for making internal and external ceilings with ventilation drills as well.


5.Not Just Walls and Ceilings



Contrary to the common belief that fiber cement sheets are used just for walls and ceilings, our SCG Smartboard proves to be a versatile building material suitable for various purposes. Here are some of the interesting ways to utilize fiber cement sheets:

  • Internal and External Wall
  • Internal and External Ceiling
  • Ventilated Ceiling
  • Underlay
  • Floorings

As they are available in different shapes and sizes, our SCG Smartboards can also be installed in various styles to enhance the visual appeal of the project.

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The Takeaway

After reading this article, we are sure you will give fiber cement sheets a thought when planning the next project. Whether it is safety from moisture, fire and termite or the environmentally friendly benefits, our SCG Smartboards ensure that your project has the best of everything. To know more about the standardization and cost, contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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