Hiring a Professional for Fiber Cement Board Installation

The Importance of Hiring a Professional for Fiber Cement Board Installation

“Fiber Cement Board Installation calls for a lot of precision and professionalism – hence hiring professionals for the installation makes complete sense”


Construction industry around the globe is changing and is adopting leaner and efficient materials, processes and practices. New technology is leading a massive shift and construction today is faster, and sturdier than ever.


Fiber cement boards are quickly becoming the gold standard of construction material. More and more contractors and architects are adopting fiber cement boards because of their numerous benefits. Since it is a considerably new technology, professionals can best install fiber cement boards. They are equipped with proper training and know the product thoroughly.


Hiring professionals for fiber cement board installation is often overlooked, but it is an integral part of the construction process.


Let’s see the importance of hiring a professional for fiber cement board installation:


1. Superior Results

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One of the biggest reasons to hire a professional for fiber cement board installation is the final result. A professional contractor will ensure that the finishing is seamless, and the results are worth the money spent. The final results typically have a smooth finish, and everything is precisely aligned as in the floor layout. A professional will focus on perfection, instead of just getting the job done.


2. Faster Construction

Even though fiber cement board installation is a much quicker construction process than the traditional brick and mortar construction – not hiring a professional can delay the process. There is no doubt that fiber cement board installation requires less labor. However, it is one of the most labor-intensive tasks. Hiring a professional for fiber cement sheet installation is essential as there will be fewer errors and the entire task will be quicker.


3. Skills and Tools

SCG Fiber cement sheet

Professionals are called so because of a reason. They are well-equipped with the tools and techniques required to carry out intensive processes. Even though installing fiber cement sheets is a straightforward task – the underlying intricacies can be confusing for rookies – hence it is important to hire professionals for this job. These professionals will have the right tools such as a T-square, sanding papers, correct nuts and bolts and such.


4. Choosing the Material

Fiber cement boards are available in many distinct materials suitable for different purposes. A professional knows the use of each of the material and will work accordingly for a defined purpose. Our fiber cement sheets make up for functional use in bathrooms and kitchens because of their waterproof capabilities, while others are good for exterior use. These boards are certified by JIS Standard A5420. It is best to leave the decision to the professional, simply because they know better.


5. Maintenance and Service

Another vital factor to consider is the maintenance and service. Even though fiber cement sheets hardly require any maintenance – when they do, it is probably a good idea for a professional to look over. Hiring a professional in the first place will ensure that they know what went around during the construction. Getting the job done from a professional will cut down maintenance since the installation would be flawless. Not only this, a professional fiber cement board installation will be carried out with precision, and there will be no room for errors. The post-construction cleanup will be taken care of by the professional.


There is no doubt that the construction industry is undergoing a shift and is leaning towards the use of drywalls and fiber cement boards. Not only is the construction faster, but these materials are durable and eco-friendly. We at SCG Smart Build, are pioneers in the drywall and fiber cement board segment. Our products are technologically superior and certified from the leading organizations around the world after stringent tests. No matter what your requirement is, we deliver the best in the business.


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