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Fiber Cement Sheet For Commercial Project

The construction industry is changing drastically with some of the most crucial changes taking place in the past two decades. The introduction of new technologies, building materials, computer-aided design and techniques are the frontrunner shaping the construction industry.  Construction with fiber cement sheet is quickly gaining pace and has become the gold-standard material across the industry. More contractors and architects around the world are adopting this material because of its ease of construction and other benefits.



Fiber cement sheet is also called as fiber cement board. We at SCG Smart Build, use Elephant (SCG) Portland Cement, Special Cellulose Fiber and Silica to make fiber cement boards with our Firm and Flex Technology. The high molecular bonding strength of our fiber cement boards makes sure the quality is uncompromising and the best in the industry.


The many unparalleled advantages of fiber cement sheet are no less than a revolution. Here are some reasons why fiber cement sheets should be the choice for your next commercial project.


1.Water Resistant

Every commercial project has a different construction need and must be addressed accordingly. However, water resistance of building material is one such factor that can benefit all commercial projects. Tropical regions and areas that are both hot and humid all-year-round can benefit from water resistance capability of fiber cement board. Walls will no longer suffer from moisture menace, and it will also lead to lowered maintenance costs. So, for your next commercial project, it is time to move from brick and mortar construction to fiber cement sheets from SCG Smart Build. Our fiber cement boards are certified, and the water expansion rate follows the JIS Standard A5420.


2.Light Weight

Fiber cement boards are incredibly lighter when compared to conventional construction materials like brick and mortar. However, being lighter does not mean that fiber cement sheets are any less robust. They correlate with the strength of conventional construction material while offering other benefits. Fiber cement sheets are 6 times lighter than bricks – making transportation and construction easier. It also leads to less labor cost, leading to higher profits for contractors.


3.Faster Construction

Commercial projects are typically time-bound and must be completed before the due date. Using fiber cement boards directly results in faster delivery of any commercial project. In this way, contractors can complete more projects in time than they would if they use brick and mortar for construction. As per real-time tests, construction with fiber cement boards is 4 times faster and also saves up to 40% of labor cost. This property of fiber cement sheets is leading contractors to adopt it for commercial projects.


SCG Fiber Cement Sheet - Fiber Cement Board


4.Fire and Termite Resistant

We at SCG Smart Build manufacture fiber cement boards that are fire resistant – a crucial factor in any construction project. The amalgamation of our special silica with cellulose fiber and Portland cement allows our fiber cement boards to resist fire for a longer time. Our fiber cement boards have a Class 1(A) fire spread rating which is the highest possible rating. In case of a fire, our fiber cement boards will protect both the occupants and the business. Since most commercial projects are high rise buildings, SCG Smart Board will allow more time for occupants to evacuate in case of a fire. It is a crucial and deciding factor for contractors, architects to provide robust buildings that can stand the test of time.


5.Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing


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SCG Fiber Cement Board Aesthetic Application


Maintenance of a commercial building can be expensive. If you are a contractor, choosing a fiber cement board for your next commercial project should be your choice. Our fiber cement sheets are incredibly durable, and the material does not chip or peel away like conventional construction material. Not only this – fiber cement sheets by SCG Smart Build are also termite resistant. It increases the longevity of the building and has comparatively less maintenance cost.


Furthermore, fiber cement sheets are a boon for commercial projects that need to stand out. Aesthetically speaking, fiber cement boards are highly versatile and an architectural marvel. They are easy to paint and can be used with wallpapers too. The result of a paint job is lifelike and gives an elegant premium look to both the external and internal of a building. Moreover, buildings undergoing remodelling can take benefit of fiber cement boards as they can be curved easily.


For your next construction project, choosing fiber cement sheet can make a stark difference in the overall result. Not only are they miles ahead of brick and mortar construction, but also have advantages that are not found in other materials. The material is also recyclable – making the construction eco-friendly. For more information on fiber cement sheets, contact us for a demo!




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