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All You Need To Know About Green Building Construction

Over the past few years, the term ‘Green Building’ has rapidly made its way in the construction industry. While it is easy to understand the overview of this term, not many are fully aware of this concept. In this article, we aim to bring out the basics as well as some essential things that you need to consider while opting for a green building project.


Let us begin with the definition itself and the basic understanding of green building construction.


What is Green Building Construction?

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The term refers to a structure whose planning, designing, construction and maintenance follow an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient approach. As compared to conventional buildings, green buildings are known for their excellent sustainability and environmentally friendly construction. This type of construction is becoming popular all across the world to ensure a healthy and clean planet.


Benefits of Green Building

When it comes to the benefits of green building, it is not easy to mention them all as they are innumerable. For simplification, we have grouped the benefits into three categories, namely: environmental, social and economic. Take a look.


1. Environmental Benefits

Green Building Construction by SCG

Few of the foremost ways in which green buildings prove to be beneficial for the environment is the fact that they use less electricity, minimum amount of water and are highly efficient when compared to conventional buildings. You can employ various techniques and products to achieve these aims of the green buildings. For instance, instead of building a traditional brick wall, you can opt for new-age products like fibre cement boards or drywall.


Here at SCG Smart Build, we offer high-quality fiber cement boards as well as drywalls for green buildings. These products completely recyclable and don’t even need water and or fertile soil for installation. By launching these products, we aim to conduct business on the principles of sustainable development and wish to make the world a better place to live.


2. Economic Benefits

A green building is not just a thoughtful decision; it also reflects economically sound business decisions. The benefits can vary as per the application of the building. The construction of green buildings usually cost less money, and their maintenance is also low. Moreover, the property value of a green building is always considered high in the market. Another added benefit is that green buildings use energy efficient products; thus, they also reduce electricity consumption significantly. Our SCG Smart Build Smartboard can prevent heat and cold from the external environment; therefore, is well suited for areas with extreme weather conditions.


3. Social Benefits

The benefits of green buildings go beyond the economic and environmental aspects and bring positive impacts to society as well. Studies have reported that people working and living in green buildings are healthier and more productive. With a healthy body and mind, the quality of life also increases. Moreover, green buildings are also visually appealing making people feel good about their surroundings and feel happy.


Things to Consider During Green Building Construction

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Below are a few things you must keep in mind when involved in a green building project:

  • Location:

    You must check the location to find out the effective ways you can utilize to cut costs and save money from the beginning. Moreover, it should also be kept in mind whether you have to create a new structure or revamp an existing one. As per the weather, you can orient your building for better cooling or heating effects. Furthermore, if the area is not much greener, you can co-create and make the building’s surrounding greener; thus, helping in reducing pollution as well.

  • Lighting:

    The design of the building should be prepared in such a way that it allows natural lighting to illuminate the indoor areas. Other than that, you can also use environmentally friendly lighting solutions to make the building energy efficient.

  • Water Efficiency:

    Water wastage in construction with conventional material is a huge issue which often gets overlooked. However, this is one of the main benefits of green building and hence must be carefully treated. As mentioned earlier, you can install fiber cement boards to make wall partitions as they don’t use water.

  • Environmentally Friendly Products:

    Before opting for the products used in the construction, check if they have appropriate standardization or not. Quality products always have various certifications that verify that they conform to the requirements of international standards. We at SCG Smart Build, also offer products that go through various tests on various parameters like industrial standard, strength, durability, fire test and so on. For detail information, you can explore our website.


Opting for green building construction is not just a wise step, it is the need of the hour. Every once in a while, we are informed that the health of our planet is degrading day by day and the causes behind that are none other than our excessive activities that affect and exploit the environment.  Therefore, it is essential that more and more buildings should replace the conventional building and contribute to a healthy world.



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