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There Is More to Fiber Cement Sheets Than Durability

The construction landscape is changing rapidly, and fibre cement board installation has become quite common. Not only is fiber cement board easy to install but also a convenient option when the project delivery timeline is tight. Sadly, most people are unaware of what makes fiber cement board a better choice than other construction materials. The only thing they know and hear about is the durability factor. What they don’t know is that there is more to fiber cement sheets than durability.


SCG Fiber cement sheet


So, before we jump to the other benefits of fiber cement board, let’s have a quick look at what exactly is it made up of.


Fiber cement board is a compound material made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. To be precise, this versatile building material is composed of glass-fiber mesh on the surface and Portland cement. Fiber cement board can either be used independently or along with plywood, depending on the construction type. We at SCG Smart Build, offer fiber cement boards that are infused with FIRM and FLEX Technology and are known for their strength and durability.


Now let’s have a look at some of the often-overlooked properties of fiber cement boards.


Water Resistant


Fiber Cement Sheet - Moisture Resistance


Fiber Cement Board - Moisture Resistance


One of the most significant advantages of turning towards fiber cement board is its water-resistant capability. This construction material is perfect for areas that have hot and humid weather and also for those that receive heavy rainfall. The robust, water-resistant nature of this versatile construction material often makes it outlast the competitors by decades. In a nutshell, no matter how much water the board is exposed to, it will not easily rot. Our fiber cement boards are certified by JIS Standard A54420 and are robust enough to tackle extreme weather conditions.


Termite Resistant

Termite attack is one of the major issues that Indian homes face. Termites destroy the entire wood construction over a short period of time and leave the homeowners with no choice but to replace the affected woodwork. Fiber cement board installation on the other hand not only makes the interior look appealing but also protects it from being attacked from termites. The Portland cement material makes it termite resistant and thus helps in keeping the construction safe for decades to come.


Heat Resistant


Fiber Cement Sheet - Heat Resistance


SCG Smartboard prevents heat from entering the facility while reducing energy conservation and proving as an accurate answer to green designs. With Portland cement constituting the large percentage of fiber cement sheets, they offer excellent results in the form of keeping the harmful effects of the weather at bay.


Light Weight, Fast and Easy to Install

Faster delivery on construction projects is the need of the hour. Thus, architects and contractors should turn toward fiber cement boards to avoid delays in project delivery. The two major factors that often affect the delivery of any project are scarcity of water and transportation time that bricks take. Being 6 times lighter than bricks, fiber cement sheets cut down the transportation time and aid in the timely delivery of projects. Also, because there is no water required when constructing with fiber cement sheets, scarcity won’t impact the flow of construction.


How to Maintain Fiber Cement Board?

One of the best things about fiber cement board is that they require little or no maintenance. Once installed, they can be altered through paint and various textures to fit the design of any space. We at SCG Smart Build, offer products that come with unmatched quality, style, aesthetics and durability. The durability factor of fiber cement board pays off for itself as there is no maintenance required. It does not chip or fade and is an ideal choice to perk up the look of any space.




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