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SCG Cement-Building Materials, a business unit of SCG, is a leading integrated manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of cement and related building materials. It provides an extensive range of construction products. The group has pushed for development in this sector to increase operational efficiency, and speed up the process of development of new products and services. SCG Trading takes a role to support SCG Cement-Building Materials to expand the products to the global market.

SCG Smartboard design


Build your project distinctive from others. SCG  provide a building materials which  combines beauty and durability.


SCG building materials exposed to nature every day. Weather, water, time, and fire —all can lead to trouble. That’s why SCG engineered product to stand up beautifully, whatever the elements.


You want to ensure you’re buying the best possible product when you choose to new build or renovate. SCG invented building material solution remains the leader in the field. Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in SCG products.


SCG’s building materials is a trusted brand among consumers who trust us for product quality, reliability, and excellent after-sales service.

SCG Drywall Fiber Cement Board Headquarter 2


Choose GREEN building materials to your project to save India & world environment


Less stress, more joy. SCG provide an excellent service to help you success with your outstanding building project.

I think SCG building materials products is the new way of building. You can earn LEED points from this. In addition, SCG products also provide you many features e.g. energy effieciency, acoustic control, and Indoor Air Quality. 

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Smart Ceiling system

Reducing Temperature under the roof and ceiling with SCG Smartboard and SCG Insulation Stay Cool comes with aluminum foil to protect the heat from ceiling to the house. Ultimately save your electricity bill.

SCG Ventilation Ceiling System enables energy efficeincy with living comfort. SCG Smartboard Ventilation series helps circulate air flow under the roof with the factory-made drilled holes suitable for external eaves ceiling application guaranteed moisture and water resistance.

SCG Smartboard Internal Ceiling System can be installed with various designs such as SCG Smartboard standard (plain), wood grain, 3-inch lining series or with SCG Smartwood Eaves Liner. Install down lights or painting over by 100% acrylic color (water base) is very convenient.

Smart Wall system

SCG Drywall System is making traditional brick and mortar walls absolete. It not only offers excellent durability and water resistance, thanks to the innovative quality SCG Smartboard, but also timely installation and flexibility in terms of future modifications and refurbishment.

Advantage over other materials, SCG Smartboard deserves its prominent function of moisture/water resistance with termite-free. Ceramic Tiles with membranes and water proof system is nessary to help prevent leakage.

Undoubtedly, privacy is one of the most vital elements when designing a living space. SCG Sound Acoustic System maximizes the enjoyment of your living space by properly preventing sound migration from one room to another.

Smart Floor system

Wood Flooring has several options to help your project more beautiful and easier installation. For example, SCG Smartwood T-Clip Floor Plank is beautiful, perfect, neat, without a trace of any screws inside and it is painted from the factory. 

SCG Smartboard Floor System is easy to work with capable of withstanding up to 500 kg/SQM making it perfect for construction and renovation works that need speediness and high impact strengths.

Roofing system

Elabana roof series is the generous curves are pleasing to the eyes and create a fleeing of comfort. Centurion roofing series is the gentle, detailed curve reflect the modern style of the house and owners

The perfect match to your style. Modern from architecture. In trend of the novel and modernization. Perfect style in all look. Ayara modern roof has 3 colors available Marble Grey, Iron Grey, and Sandy Brown

Prestige roof is a flat concrete roof that can make your house more beautiful. This series also perfect match to your style. Now it has 11 available colors to allow you choose to match your preferences

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SCG Smartboard can be installed with various elegant styles, such as bent ceiling, pocket ceiling or leveling ceiling and many more.

Smart Thompson

SCG Smartboard can be installed with various elegant styles, such as bent ceiling, pocket ceiling or leveling ceiling and many more.

Gonzalex Velasquez

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