High Density Fiber Cement Board

High Density Fiber Cement Board

Reinforced fiber cement board, processed by special technology with special texture that bring your wall beauty & outstanding.

    High density Fiber Cement Board is already used for exterior wall facade and interior decorative wall such as tunnel, subway, airport, marketplace, hospital, office, kitchen, laboratory, bathroom, and etc.
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Product Option

Pure and elegant finished surface, glossy and wear-resisting, easy cleaning, pollution resistant and hardness. It can replace aluminium plastic board and also replace metal or glass which is used for internal or external wall.

Effect of natural marble or wood, texture clear, color uniform, so it can avoid the chromatism of natural in decoration for large area. Glossy and wear-resisting, easy-cleaning, pollution resistant, hardness >5H, eco-friendly, Fireproof class A. Discover now how to use it…

A Natural looking of waterproof shield facade which protects and enhances the natural finish texture. “Through‐Colored” offers a modern urban look, with the robustness of a high density board. An architectural panel that once installed is finished and requires no further treatment

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