High Density Fiber Cement Board

Colored Through Series

Colored through Fiber Cement Board

A Natural looking of waterproof shield facade which protects and enhances the natural finish texture.
“Through‐Colored” offers a modern urban look, with the robustness of a high density board. An architectural panel that once installed is finished and requires no further treatment.


Replace aluminium plastic board or aluminium single board; be used for indoor and outdoor wall decoration; can replace metal or glass.

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Color Chart

Color Chart of High Density Board - Hormogeneous

Product Size & Specification

Special Property


With its rich colors and natural textures, Through Color Fiber Cement Board provides a unique character and strong identity to buildings appearance. The ‘through color’ means that the edges are the same color as the surface.

Cost Effective

Lightweight yet strong, “Through color” is an architectural panel that delivers the best of modern systems for a fraction of their cost with a strong, weather-proof facade boards.

1. Anti-Aging & Weather Resistant

It’s guaranteed that the ultraviolet light resistant durable paint coat will not deform, not fading within 20 years.

2. Heat Insulation

The performance of the heat insulation is 7 times better than ordinary mortar wall.

3. Sound Absorption & Insulation

Noise is greatly reduced after using our panel

4. Anti - Graffiti

Most graffiti can be removed more than 1,000 times by using acetone.

5. Light Weight & Stable Dimension

Montania high density fiber cement wall panel is lighter than mortar wall or nature marble panel, it can reduce the load of the dwelling. High-temperature & high-pressure streaming method ensures stable dimension and non-deformation.

Application Guideline

  • Prefabricated facade elements.
  • Office Building
  • Residential
  • Hotel lobby
  • Kitchen
  • Shopping Complex
  • Airport
  • Subway Station

Application Example

Installation Methods

Seam Connection

Plane Seaming

Montania High Density Fiber Cement Board - Plane Seaming

Angle Seaming

High Density Fiber Cement Board - Angle Seaming

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