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Fire Protection System

Peace-of-mind protection for your investment

Fire protection is one of the most essential parts of many projects. SCG Fire Protection System ensures that your building satisfies fire resistance requirements and provides peace-of-mind and safety.

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System Option

SCG Fire Protection System contains SCG Insulation HI-TEMP 3850 that ensures up to 105 minutes of fire resistance while SCG smartboard Fire Protection System  containing Rockwool provides up to 150 minutes of fire-resistance.

Highly fire resistant for peace of mind and added security Q-CON is noncombustible and renowned for its highly fire resistant properties. The Hebel Block and Panel Systems achieve FRL (Fire Resistance Levels) from 60 minutes through to 240 minutes to meet all regulatory requirements.

Equipped with special Aluminum foil on its back side which can reflect heat radiation allowing a comfortable temperature suitable for residential homes or buildings.

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