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Internal Wall Board

High impact strength, lasting durability and easy installation

      Let’s you create your space with materials like Fiber Cement Board and Gypsum Board that can allow you to enhancing the safety and long-term performance in several applications.

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SCG Smartboard is a new generation of fiber cement board material with FIRM and FLEX Technology made the board gain strength, durability and elasticity in one time. SCG Smartboard ( fiber cement board), with state-of-the-art composition of SCG Portland Cement, Silica, and Special cellulose fiber through Autoclave process, is specially designed for various ceiling, wall, and flooring applications both internal and external usage.

SCG Cementboard an innovative decorative product for Wall and Floor applications made from the combination of Portland Cement and Wood Particles. It can reflect modern-loft to your space very well. 

    Gypsum board is used for installing walls and ceiling tiles. The board provides a smooth and attractive finish for a seamless look and is certified with a Thailand Industrial Standard (TIS). It is available in various models such as HeatBloc, MoldBloc, FireBloc and EchoBloc.


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