Wall Cladding System

Recreate the look of external siding

  • Install SCG SmartBOARD 8mm. Thick with Steel Frame on existing cement wall.
Wall Cladding System Section


Siding is a great way to improve the appearance of your building SCG Cladding System offers a convenient way to renovate your building with new siding. The new look also comes with a reduction in building temperature as SCG Cladding System comes with 20 mm. air gap which allows air circulation. Engineered for exterior applications, SCG Cladding System is long lasting, durable, and water resistant.

Application Guideline

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Office & Commercial
  • Residential Buildings
  • High Rise Building
  • Learning Institute
  • Government Building

Application Example


1 x
1 x

Heat Protection (Rt)

SCG = 0.51 Rt
Brick Wall = 0.28 Rt

Acoustical Control (STC)

SCG = 39
Brick Wall = 45

  • 6 times faster construction time than brick and mortar wall.
  • 6 times lighter weight than brick and mortar wall.
  • Durable and easy to maintenance

*Compared to brick and mortar wall

System Detail

Wall Cladding System

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8 mm. thick


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