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FIRM special Properties

High Impact Strength

Composition of SCG Portland Cement, Silica and Special cellulose fiber developed by our laboratory

Water - Resistance

Long lasting even using in hot, humid, and strong raining weather condition according to JIS Standard A5420

Termite Resistant

Termite resistant from Portland cement material.

FLEX special Properties

Flexibility for various designs

SCG Smartboard provide flexibility for various designs to meet your specification.

Light Weight, Fast and Easy to Install

With only 30 kg. per sq.m. It can install easier and faster than conventional system.

Better Heat Resistance

SCG Smartboard can prevent heat from external environtment. Reducing energy consumption and answering green designs.

Firm and Flex

SCG Cooling
Ceiling System

Reducing Temperature under the roof and ceiling with SCG Smartboard and SCG Insulation Stay Cool comes with aluminum foil to protect the heat from ceiling to the house. Ultimately save your electricity bill.

Best Ceiling Systems Manufacturers
scg smartboard ventilated 3 inches lining

SCG Ventilation
Ceiling System

SCG Ventilation Ceiling System enables energy efficeincy with living comfort. SCG Smartboard Ventilation series helps circulate air flow under the roof with the factory-made drilled holes suitable for external eaves ceiling application guaranteed moisture and water resistance.

SCG Internal
Ceiling System

SCG Smartboard Internal Ceiling System can be installed with various designs such as SCG Smartboard standard (plain), wood grain, 3-inch lining series or with SCG Smartwood Eaves Liner. Install down lights or painting over by 100% acrylic color (water base) is very convenient.

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Best Ceiling Systems Manufacturers

Product in this system

SCG SmartBOARD Squared Edge

3.5, 4, 4.5, 6 mm. thick

SCG Fiber Cement Sheet - 3 inch Square Lining

SCG Fiber Cement Sheet - 3 inch Square Lining

4 mm. thick

SCG Fiber Cement Board for ceiling

SCG Fiber Cement - Decorative (Wood Grain)

4 mm. thick

SCG Ventilated Ceiling Fiber Cement Board

SCG SmartBOARD Ventilated

4 mm. thick

SCG SmartBOARD Ventilated- 3 inch Lining

4 mm. thick

SCG Ventilated Wood Grain

SCG SmartBOARD Ventilated - Wood Grain

4 mm. thick


SCG Insulation Stay Cool

75 mm. thick Premium

SCG SmartWOOD - Eaves Liner

8 mm. thick